WP Face Login Face Authentication For WordPress Plugin

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Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 5.4
Requires PHP: 5.3
Stable tag: 0.0.1

Enable face authentication login with ease
== Description ==
This plugin let you enable face login without using password. Thus, you don't have to worry about keyloggers stealing your password.

## Why using face authentication for WordPress login?
WordPress has grown so much since its beginning. People use WordPress for various purposes including building a store, create API and of course blogging. With its popularity comes hackers, attackers, phishers...
Those bad guys do everything to break into your site and steal your information, including your business.

## How to prevent hackers from break into your site?
There are various ways to get access to the admin of a website. However, the most common way is to hack the username and password. It may surprise you but many people still weak password nowadays. Passwords that contain only numbers, words are in dictionary ... are the easiest to hack.
The solution would be using a strong password which is impossible to remember.

However, you still have to store that password somewhere. Maybe in a text file.

When you open the text file to copy the password, someone can steal your password by simply peek at your computer or use a recording device.

## Using passwords is prone to hacks, what's the fix

If you say that using password is a risk, you are completely right. No matter how strong a password is, it can be stolen. But, what's the alternative?

## Introducing to password-less login for WordPress
The answer to the risk we mentioned is to stop using password completely. For real.

But you may wonder, how can you use password-less login on WordPress?

It's simpler that you think. With today's technology, there are smarter, more secure ways to verify one's identity.

You have known fingerprints. Now we have face.

Imagine you can login to your site the same way you open your phone.

## How is this secure? Meet two-factor login
If you door has only one lock, thieves have good chance to break into your house.
But if you have two locks, their chances drop drastically.
That's the same theory of two factor login.
The one that requests to access your site (maybe you) have to complete two challenges.
Currently, many people use password for phase one and a simple token for later.
But we have discussed the inconvenience of using password, also the risks.
So, why don't we treat ourselves a bit kinder by using something easy for us at both phases?

## Using two factor face authentication to login into your WordPress site
Let's imagine this, you go to your WordPress login page, instead of typing in the password, you only look at the camera.
The site recogizes you as its owner. It wouldn't let you in yet. There is a chance that someone uses a statue to fake your identity.
Instead, it will send you a token (4 to 8 digits) to your prefered devices (Email, Authenticator app).

You then send the token to the site. If you provide the correct token, you are now login.

As you can see, it is almost impossible for attackers to impersonate anywhere in the whole process.

== Installation ==
* Upload the extracted folder of the plugin to `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
* Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard

WP Face Login Face Authentication For WordPress Plugin
Price: FREE

This plugin let you enable face login without using password.

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