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Requires at least: 4.8
Tested up to: 5.3
Requires PHP: 5.6
Stable tag: 2.5.13
License: GPLv3
License URI:

Accept donations and begin fundraising with GiveWP, the highest rated WordPress donation plugin for online giving.

== Description ==

**[GiveWP]( "Visit the GiveWP website")** is the highest rated, most downloaded, and best supported donation plugin for WordPress. Built from the ground up for all your fundraising needs, GiveWP provides you with a powerful donation platform optimized for online giving.

Transform the way you accept online donations. With GiveWP you can accept charitable gifts through customizable donation forms, view donation statistics and reports, manage donors, and integrate with a wide variety of third-party gateways and services.


= GiveWP's Features =

GiveWP is free and yet is full of many advanced features to suit your needs. Slick donation forms, full-featured reporting, and donor management features provide you with the tools you need to accept donations and manage your donors.

**[Powerful Donation Forms](**

* Build custom donation forms in your WordPress admin
* GiveWP inherits your themes styles so it integrates seamlessly out of the box
* Add goals, multiple giving amounts, custom amounts, terms and conditions and more with just a couple clicks

**[Full-Featured Reporting](**

* Get a complete overview of your donation activity
* Control your data with exports and reports
* Filter reports by date, form, and payment method.
* Measure performance across multiple campaigns.

**[Complete Donor Management](**

* View a complete history of your donor activity
* Generate tax-deductible receipts
* Integrate with third-party services via our GiveWP API

Find out more:

* **[Visit the GiveWP website]( "Visit the GiveWP website")**
* **[View GiveWP features]( "GiveWP Features Showcase")**
* **[View GiveWP demos]( "GiveWP Demos Showcase")**

= Who Uses GiveWP? =

With more than 70,000+ active installs of GiveWP, we hear more and more success stories from nonprofit organizations using GiveWP. Causes are using GiveWP to raise millions of dollars per year. Check out some of our [GiveWP Stories]( and [Case Studies]( for details about their success.

= Why Use GiveWP for Donations? =

If your nonprofit or cause depends on donations, you want to treat your donors right. Don't send them through a shopping cart or kick them off-site to a third-party platform. GiveWP streamlines the giving process by allowing your donors to complete their donations directly on your website using an easy to complete donation form. As an admin, you have the customization options and reporting and donor management features you need in order to run successful giving campaigns.

You may have struggled with other WordPress donation plugins in the past; dealing with the lack of features, documentation, and support can be a real pain. There's a better way. Now you have GiveWP and our entire team on *your* side.

= Simple and Pain-Free Giving =

Our development and support team built GiveWP from day one with best practices in WordPress development and online giving in mind. GiveWP works great -- the "WordPress way" so you're already familiar with the interface once you begin using it.

The strength of GiveWP lies within its optimized donation forms. When creating a form you may specify whether the form is a single or multi-level amounts. As well, you can allow donors to give a custom amount if you wish. The donation forms can then be displayed anywhere on your website using a shortcode, widget, or the single donation form page. Simply install and activate the plugin to get started.

= First Time Users =

For new users, we suggest reviewing our [documentation]( "Visit the GiveWP documentation") to get an understanding of how the plugin works. If you run into any trouble, we offer [free support]( "Visit the GiveWP support page on") to help you with your issues, questions, and concerns.

If you are a GiveWP customer with an active license of any of our popular add-ons, we'd love to hear from you and support you via our [Priority Support channel](

= Accept Credit Card Donations =

GiveWP comes with several payment gateway options:

* **Stripe** -- Our Stripe integration allows you to accept credit card donations on your website. There is a small 2% fee associated with these donations. Want no additional fees? Upgrade to our [Stripe Premium add-on](
* **PayPal Standard** -- Allow worldwide donations with PayPal Standard. No additional fees applied.
* **Offline Donations** -- Enable your donors to send checks or physical donations with an offline gateway with instructions.
* **Test Gateway** -- use the Test Gateway to see exactly how your donors will walk through the donation process.

= Extend GiveWP with Powerful Add-ons =

GiveWP's goal is to "Democratize Generosity." We want to make it easy for *everyone* to raise funds online. The money you raise using GiveWP is yours to support your cause. Period. We are supported through the sale of [premium GiveWP add-ons]( "View all of GiveWP's Premium Add-ons"). Add-ons enable advanced features that enable you to extend the functionality of GiveWP.

For example, you can use one of our add-ons to accept funds through your favorite [payment gateway](, enable [recurring donations](, or send donor emails to your favorite email marketing platform. [View all of GiveWP's Add-ons]( "View all GiveWP add-ons") to discover all the ways you can further enhance and extend GiveWP.

= Easy to Customize and Enhance =

GiveWP is built by []( "Visit the developers of GiveWP -"), our plugins are built from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use. By following along with our [Getting Started Guide]( "GiveWP 101 - Getting started using GiveWP to accept donations on WordPress"), setting up GiveWP to accept donations on WordPress is simple and easy.

Are you a developer? GiveWP is fully extendable. We built in an advanced templating system similar to the ones found in many of WordPress' top plugins that makes customizing many of GiveWP's frontend elements upgrade proof and extremely flexible. Run into some trouble? We're here to help! Along with the plugin is a support team that is dedicated, fast to respond, and always willing to squash bugs and help troubleshoot.

Here's some great developer-oriented tutorials and docs to help you customize GiveWP to your liking:

* [Create Dramatic Donation Email Receipts](
* [Populate Donor Info with One Click](
* [Using the GiveWP API to Create Charts with ChartJS](
* [Themeing with GiveWP](
* [How to Create Custom Form Fields in GiveWP](

= About the GiveWP Team =

Backed by a growing team of WordPress developers, support engineers, and marketing professionals who've worked with WordPress and nonprofits since 2009. This means GiveWP is made with best practices in mind; extremely extensible and customizable, stable, and reliable. We'll be here in years to come for you and your nonprofit organization.

= Connect with GiveWP =

Stay in touch with us for important plugin news and updates:

* **[GiveWP Website]( "Visit the GiveWP website")**
* **[GitHub]( "Visit the developers of GiveWP")**
* **[GiveWP Newsletter]( "Subscribe to GiveWP via MailChimp")**
* **[Facebook]( "Visit the GiveWP on Facebook")**
* **[GiveWP Add-ons]( "View all GiveWP Add-ons")**

= Contribute to GiveWP =

This plugin is proudly open source (GPL license) and we're always looking for more contributors. Whether you know another language, can code like no one's business, or just have an idea, we would love your help and input.

Here's a few ways you can contribute to GiveWP:

* Star/fork/watch the [GiveWP GitHub repository]( "Visit the GiveWP GitHub Repo") to learn more about what issues we're tackling and the project is developing. If you've never worked with Github before, learn about [pull requests here]( and submit one for GiveWP, we'd love to give you our feedback.

* Translate GiveWP into your native language. The best place to do that is here on Go to [](, then search for your language, click the "Plugins" tab, then search for "GiveWP". When you've submitted at least 95% of GiveWP's strings, the language moderators will review and approve your translations and then they will be available to all WordPress users for your native language. If you are interested in translating any of our Premium Add-ons, [contact us](, we'd love to chat with you about that.

* Join the [GiveWP Community Facebook group]( We chat about all things related to WordPress, GiveWP, fundraising, and online donations in general.

== Upgrade Notice ==

== Installation ==

= Minimum Requirements =

* WordPress 4.8 or greater
* PHP version 5.6 or greater
* MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
* Some payment gateways require fsockopen support (for IPN access)
* cURL version 5.40 or higher
* An SSL certificate -- while this is not strictly required, it is highly recommend. If you are converting your site to use SSL/HTTPS now, [we have a detailed guide to help you here](

= Automatic installation =

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don't need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of GiveWP, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click "Add New".

In the search field type "GiveWP" and click Search Plugins. Once you have found the plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking "Install Now".

= Manual installation =

The manual installation method involves downloading our donation plugin and uploading it to your server via your favorite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains [instructions on how to do this here](

= Updating =

Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Where can I learn more about how to use GiveWP? =

We have extensive documentation on installing and configuring GiveWP [on our website]( We suggest starting with the [GiveWP 101 article](

= How can I get support for GiveWP? =

We work hard to the best support possible for GiveWP. The [ Support Forum]( is used for free community based support. We continually monitor the forum and do our best to ensure everyone gets a response.

[Priority support]( is given to users who have an active license for one of GiveWP's [Add-ons]( or [Bundles]( We provide email-based support to our Premium Add-on customers with an average response time of under 2 hours and average time to resolution of 24-48 hours depending on the severity of the issue.

= Do you have any demos? =

Yes! We have several live examples of GiveWP and the wide variety of form options you can use with GiveWP. Check out [our Demos here](

= Do you have Case Studies of Nonprofits using GiveWP? =

Yes! We have two different types of studies that highlight nonprofits in different ways.
"GiveWP Stories" are stories of how nonprofits or individuals implemented GiveWP with success. [You can read them all here](
"Case Studies" are more detailed examples of how an agency implemented GiveWP for a specific purpose for an organization. [You can read those here](

= How is GiveWP better than a form plugin for accepting donations through WordPress? =

Form plugins are excellent solutions for general intake forms. That said, they most often lack substantial donation reporting features, and donor management options. They also lack a variety of presentation options like GiveWP has for embedding your forms in different places throughout your site. If you want a "Donate Now!" button in the header of your site that opens in a modal, you'll most often have to do quite a bit of customization to get that working just right with form plugins -- but not with GiveWP.

GiveWP works great alongside all the most popular form plugins. Use GiveWP for donations, and Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms or other for your general purpose intake forms. They'll work great alongside each other.

= How is GiveWP better than an eCommerce plugin for accepting donations on WordPress? =

We actually built GiveWP specifically to overcome many of the hurdles you have to go through in order to get an eCommerce plugin (like WooCommerce) to be streamlined for donations. You want to treat your donors right. No donor wants to add their donation to a cart and go through several page refreshes just to type their information in. You, as the site admin, don't want to have to change the word "Products" to "Donations" everywhere, and go through all the hoops of removing taxes and shipping either.

On top of that, customizing the plugin's terminology is a daunting task. You never want your users to receive an "invoice" for the donation "product" they "purchased". Rather, you'd like for them to receive a receipt for the donation they gave.

Use GiveWP for donations, and let yourWooCommerce or WP eCommerce pluginor the like handle your products. They work alongside each other just fine. Your donors will be happy, your customers will be happy, and so will you.

Additionally, you can use our [Donation Upsells for WooCommerce]( GiveWP add-on to allow your customers to do a donation upsell in the cart or checkout as well.

= How do I eliminated the 2% fee on Stripe donations? =

The 2% fee on Stripe donations only applies to donations taken via our free Stripe integration in GiveWP Core. If you purchase the premium Stripe add-on you will not have any additional fees at all. Additionally, even with the free Stripe plugin, the fees only apply to one-time donations, never to recurring donations.

[Read our release announcement]( for all the details, and if you have further questions feel free to reach out via [our contact page](

== Screenshots ==

1. This is an example of a simple, yet powerful, donation form that allows the user to input a custom amount.

2. Creating powerful donation forms is easy with GiveWP. Simply install the plugin, create a new donation form, set the desired giving options, and publish!

3. Donation form fields can appear within a modal window (as shown here), be revealed with a nice sliding animation, or display entirely on the page (default).

4. GiveWP makes the donation process simple and easy for your donors. This helps maximize conversion rates and further empower your cause.

5. The multi-level donation amount functionality allows you to set different giving levels for your donors to choose from. In addition, you can allow donors to specify custom donation amounts and even set donation goals.

6. The admin view of a donation form with multi-level amounts configured. GiveWP's flexible options allow you to control whether the amounts output as radio buttons, a select field, or input buttons.

7. Don't need donation levels? No problem. You can set a default amount and allow your donor's to configure a custom donation amount to create a simple, yet powerful, donation form.

8. In-depth donation reports allow you to track just how much your cause has raised over time. You can even export the data to CSV or PDF formats.

9. Extend GiveWP with a robust suite of powerful [Add-ons]( "View all GiveWP Add-ons"). Accept recurring donations, credit cards, add custom form fields, and more!

10. GiveWP is thoroughly [documented]( "Visit the GiveWP documentation") to help you get started quickly and learn basic to advanced features and functionalities.

11. GiveWP has a dedicated support team to help answer any questions you may have and help you through stumbling blocks.

== Changelog ==

= 2.5.13: January 15th, 2020 =
* Fix: Resolved an issue when using button mode of multiple donation buttons appearing incorrectly within shortcodes, blocks, and widgets. [#4379](
* Fix: Correct an ordering issue with the form grid when sorting by "Form Title" it was using the slug rather than the actual donation form title. [#4392](
* Fix: Removed deprecated usage of `wp.components.ServerSideRender` in our Gutenberg blocks. [#4402](
* Tweak: Refactored the `give_doing_it_wrong()` function so that it properly displays Give-specific messages for developers. [#2572](

= 2.5.12: December 31st, 2019 =
* Fix: Resolved an issue with donation receipt emails and admin notifications not being sent out properly when a new donation is made. The cause of the issue was a security permission check incorrectly put in place in the previous version that was unable to be bypassed by new donors. We've reverted that change and fully tested to ensure emails are working as expected again. [#4379](

= 2.5.11: December 23rd, 2019 =
* Fix: Activating Give created a minor style conflict with the Gutenberg editor slightly pushing down some buttons. This has been resolved by refactoring the styles so they no longer conflict with WP Core elements. [#4354](
* Fix: Sorting donation payments by taxonomy would result in AJAX fails in JavaScript. [#2976](
* Improvement: New unit test added to test for the `give_verify_minimum_price()` function. [#3232](
* Refactor: Removed duplicate code for fetching donor addresses to improve performance. [#3253](
* Refactor: We removed the old notes column from the donor table now that that data has long been migrated over to a custom tables' column. [#3632](
* Fix: Improved responsiveness in the donation forms list screen by preventing the copy shortcode button from overlapping with other columns on smaller screens. [#4090](
* Fix: Ensure that empty donation receipt emails can not triggered incorrectly. [#4185](
* Refactor: Adjusted meta capabilities so that they are not assigned to roles. [#4212](
* Fix: Improved `give_send_back_to_checkout()` redirect functionality with `add_query_arg()` and `remove_query_arg()` for a dramatically simpler solution that provides for WordPress installed in a subdirectory. Thanks @luizbills for the contribution! [#4311](
* Fix: Resolved several style issues with WordPress 5.3+'s new admin changes. [#4315](
* Fix: The UK's County field is no longer required. This change is based on customer feedback this field should not be required. [#4316](
* Fix: Resolve updates not showing up without a manual refresh of licenses. Previously add-on updates would be checked every few weeks. Now they are checked on every 48 hours. [#4318](
* Fix: Resolved an error with Stripe that would occur if an existing donor would make a new donation using a different credit card. The error "The customer does not have a payment method with the ID..." will no longer appear now and donations will process as expected. [#4328](
* Fix: Resolved an issue with Stripe Checkout if you chose to load scripts in the footer would result in a redirect loop depending on your set up. [#4329](
* Fix: When clicking on the modal popup button it would previously be hidden from the DOM which could result in background jumpiness. Now the button is not hidden which leads to better theme compatibility. [#4352](
* Fix: Corrected an broken URL in the in add-ons header. [#4307](

= 2.5.10: October 28th, 2019 =
* Fix: Resolved an issue with Stripe Checkout 2.0 and featured images not properly displaying for certain WP installs. [#4281](
* Fix: Optimized and resolved a number of scenarios regarding donors updating credit cards with the Stripe payment gateway. Now when comparing the card's fingerprint the plugin also checks the expiration date and CVC and updates the card in Stripe if it has changed. [#4280](
* Fix: The Stripe 2% application fee is not ever charged with the new Checkout 2.0 if you are using the Premium gateway add-on. [#4287](
* Fix: Resolved an issue with the `{receipt_link_url}` not working when using the plain text email option. [#4284](

= 2.5.9: October 15th, 2019 =
* New: Added a new filter `give_donation_form_submit_button_text` for developers. Thanks @mcdonagg! [#4269](
* Fix: Resolved an edge case update conflict with Stripe and Recurring which could cause a fatal error for some installs. [#4272](
* Fix: Corrected an edge case issue with Stripe Credit Card fields not appearing properly after updating. [#4274](
* Fix: Improved the layout of the Stripe Connect banner for smaller screens. [#4259](
* Fix: Removed space in link to Stripe's webhook documentation. [#4266](
* Fix: Resolved typos in GitHub's documentation. [#4268](

= 2.5.8: September 26th, 2019 =
* Fix: Resolved an upgrade issue for customers who had enabled the Stripe Credit Card option in GiveWP 2.5.4 and below and Stripe 2.2.0 and below. After upgrading existing donors were not able to change their credit card info and new donors were not able make donations. [#4260](

= 2.5.7: September 20th, 2019 =
* Fix: Resolved issues with the notice added in the previous version displaying incorrectly for sites that do not have Recurring Donations installed or activated. [#4257](

= 2.5.6: September 19th, 2019 =
* Notice: Please update the Recurring Donations add-on to version `1.9.4+` in order to use GiveWP 2.5.5+.
* Fix: Resolved a fatal error occuring if using an outdated version of the Recurring Donations add-on. The plugin will now display a message and deactivate the add-on to prevent the error. If you are experiencing this issue please rollback GiveWP to 2.5.4 or below using the [WP Rollback]( plugin and [contact support]( for prompt assistance. [#4255](

= 2.5.5: September 19th, 2019 =
* New: Added support for Stripe's new Checkout payment method. Now you can accept payments that support Strong Customer Authentication, Google and Apple Pay, Credit Cards and more! [#4207](
* New: Added the ability to add tabs to settings to more easily break up sections. You can see this within the new Stripe payment gateway settings. [#4202](, [#4204](
* New: New hooks have been added to the Stripe gateway for developers to more easily extend. [#4244](
* Tweak: Improved documentation description for the Stripe payment gateway. [#4206](
* Fix: The Stripe SDK only loads now when the gateway is enabled to improve performance and further prevent conflicts. [#4237](
* Fix: Resolved a security issue responsibly disclosed to use by the good folks at [Wordfence]( Thanks y'all!

= 2.5.4: August 7th, 2019 =
* New: Stripe compatibility solution - There is now a setting under `Donations > Settings > Advanced > Stripe` that allows you select which implementation of Stripe you wish to use. If you are using another plugin that uses Stripe to accept payments there is a chance that it may include the [Stripe SDK]( (Software Development Kit) either through [Composer]( or manually initializedinitalized. This can cause conflicts with GiveWP because WordPress does not have a dependency management system to prevent conflicts and the other plugins may be using outdated versions compared to GiveWP's. To help resolve conflicts we have included two options to use Stripe alongside these other plugins. The recommended way is Composer, but if that is not working then we recommend manual initialized. If both options do not work please [contact support]( [#4193](
* Fix: When using Stripe there was a chance your donors would get a receipt from Stripe and from GiveWP. There is now a setting to set whether you want to send Stripe generated receipt emails or use GiveWP's. We recommend using ours if you're using multiple gateways, but if you're only using Stripe you may enable this new option and disable the default receipts. [#4203](
* Fix: There was an issue with converting dollars to cents and back within Stripe free which has been resolved and now has unit tests to ensure no more issues crop up with the functional conversions. [#4200](
* Fix: When editing a donor you can now properly remove the "Title" for the donor (such as "Mr", "Mrs", etc). [#4211](
* Fix: Ensure the requirement on the state field is removed from hidden state fields for certain countries and regions. [#4201](
* Fix: Resolved a compatibility issue with the Tickera plugin's implementation of QR codes within the PDF generator. The issue was with our shared library of TCPDF and now the QR codes display correctly due to a constant change on our end. [#3880](
* Tweak: You can now activate any plugin under `Settings > Licenses`. Previously we were requiring the author to only be GiveWP which caused an "this plugin does not have a valid header" error message to annoyingly display. [#4217](

= 2.5.3: July 30th, 2019 =
* Fix: The Gutenberg Block for Donation Forms embedding was only displaying the most recent 10 donation forms. Now you can search for additional forms and they will for embedding. [#4137](
* Fix: iThemes Sync was again having an issue with our plugin due to a change we reverted in a previous version. That change has been resolved and now syncing can commence again. Rejoice! [#4195](
* Fix: Resolved compatibility issues with other plugins using the Stripe SDK by initializing it manually within the included GiveWP Core Stripe gateway class. We tested this alongside many of the most popular plugins to ensure smooth sailing alongside eachother. [#4193](
* Fix: Resolved an issue with editing a donation form when it has thousands of donations. To prevent this issue we now are deleting the group cache of the donation and donor instead of individual IDs.
* Fix: Several deprecation notices were displaying for our Gutenberg Blocks. They are now all updated with the latest version of the WP Block Editor. [#4137](
* Fix: The "Empty Trash" button was in an incorrect location on the donation form edit screen and now has been placed in it's proper position. [#4075](

= 2.5.2: July 16th, 2019 =
* Fix: Prevent "PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array" when updating to 2.5+ on a pre WP 5.0 version. [#4176](
* Fix: Resolved minor appearance issues with the Stripe Connect notice appearance. [#4175](

= 2.5.1: July 12th, 2019 =
* New: Added PHPUnit tests for the important `Give_Payments_Query` query. [#1893](
* Optimization: Improved the WP Admin plugin list page load time by reducing the number of queries generated by the add-on activation banner. [#4112](
* Tweak: Updated the list of counties / states in Ireland to be more accurate. [#4145](
* Tweak: Polished some minor user workflow issues with the license activation functionality. [#4172](
* Fix: Ensured that the notice checking Recurring and Stripe versions would only display for users of Stripe on the particular outdated version and not incorrectly for non-Stripe users. [#4169](
* Fix: Resolve SQL injection vulnerability discovered by Tin Duong from Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs. [Read more]( about the patch and the disclosure. Thanks Tin for responsibly disclosing

= 2.5.0: July 10th, 2019 =
* New: Stripe credit card processing is now available in GiveWP Core for processing one-time (non-recurring) donations! [#4010](, [#4011](, [#4012](, [#4013](, [#4013](, [#4034](, [#4051](, [#4076](, [#4093](
* New: The licensing interface has been upgraded to provide easier license and add-on activation and to be much more user friendly and reliable. [#2058](, [#4008](
* New: The currency setting will now display a preview displaying how it will appear on your donation forms when you update the options. [#3187](
* New: Documentation links have been added to the shortcode builder. [#3233](
* New: The "notes" field has been added to the fields to be exported in the donation export tool. [#3979](
* New: The "Donation Form Grid" block and shortcode can now be filtered by category or tag. [#4056](
* New: Adjusted the headers in GiveWP Core admin styles and adjusted setting screens legibility.
* New: The GiveWP Modal API now supports an option to close the modal when clicking the background. [#4142](
* Fix: Prevent multiple admin ajax calls on the Tools > Exports screen. [#3351](
* Fix: Resolved the "Settings" importer failing when using the JSON format option. [#4097](
* Fix: Added number formatting to goals with a large number of donors. [#4100](
* Fix: Added a max-width to chosen select boxes to prevent them from breaking styles when options have very long titles. [#4099](
* Fix: Improved the logic when an admin disconnects the GiveWP Donor and WP user profiles [#4113](
* Fix: The `give_send_back_to_checkout()` function now works as expected on multisite installs. [#4032](
* Fix: Ensured there are no PHP notices when doing REST API queries. [#4038](
* Fix: Resolved an issue where the state field would appear incorrectly as not required for the default country. [#4144](
* Fix: Admin styles were not appearing correctly if using WP in the French language. [#4146](
* Fix: Resolved an issue with the "Display Type" option for the "Donation Form Grid" not working as expected. [#4159](
* Tweak: The Swiss Franc symbol has been updated to "CHF" instead of "Fr." [#4086](
* Tweak: Removed the word "nonce" from all front end error messages and updated them to be more user friendly and less technically confusing. [#4129](, [#4031](
* Tweak: Changed "Swaziland" to "Eswatini". [#4120](
* Optimization: Improved various database option calls and general meta query performance throughout the plugin to speed up queries and reduce server load. [#3359](, [#3382](, [#3383](, [#3872](, [#3994](, [#4104](
* Refactor: Pre-2.0.0 backward compatibility code has been removed because it has reached end of life for support. [#3033](

= 2.4.7: May 14th, 2019 =
* Security Patch: Prevent Stored XSS vulnerability in donor names by adding additional escaping to ensure security when viewing donor records in WP-Admin. We take security seriously and would like to thank GoDaddy and Sucuri for reporting and assisting with this fix. Thanks also to the WordPress Plugin Review Team for allowing a force push of all security patches to protect all GiveWP users. For more detailed information see here:

= 2.4.6: May 7th, 2019 =
* Fix: Resolved an issue displaying donations in WP-Admin made when the WordPress install's date format is set to "d/m/Y". [#4088](
* Fix: The Donations Exporter tool was not properly respecting the category or tag filters when creating the CSV file. [#4085](
* Fix: When the "Personal Info" fieldset within donation forms was not going full width for mobile views and was difficult to view. The fields properly default to full width for mobile views. [#3751](
* Fix: The `{reset_password_link}` email tag was not working properly for "New Donation" and "Donation Receipt" emails. [#3510](

= 2.4.5: April 16th, 2019 =
* Fix: Resolved two issues with donor and donation exporters not working properly when filters (Date and Donation Forms) were set. [#4078](, [#4079](
* Fix: Ensure that the database upgrade process is fully compatible with WP Multisite upgrades. [#4065](
* Fix: Resolved a PHP Fatal error that was occurring when clicking on the "Resend Donation Receipt" within the donation details screen in WP-Admin and also when marking an offline donation as complete. [#4068](
* Fix: The GiveWP API was returning non-valid JSON resulting in Zapier having issues pulling in Sample Data. This has been resolved and an acceptance test created to ensure valid JSON is returned to help prevent it breaking in further releases. [#4071](
* Fix: The GiveWP API now returns consistent amount formats for donations, fees collected, etc. [#4073](, [#4074](

= 2.4.4: March 20th, 2019 =
* Fix: Resolved a regression where percentage based goals were not displaying their progress correctly. [#4049](
* Fix: Resolved a regression in `2.4.3` where IE10/11 browsers had issues with donating with multi-level donation forms. [#4048](
* Fix: Corrected a PHP Warning on servers running PHP 7.3.3 within the email tags settings section. [#4044](
* Fix: Resolved conflict with iTheme's Sync plugin. [#3989](
* Fix: Updated the backwards compatibile TCPDF version used by older plugin versions to the latest version. [#4054](

= 2.4.3: March 13th, 2019 =
* Fix: Ensure when a donation form's "Registration" option is set to "Login" that it does not appear incorrectly as optional on the donation form. [#4045](
* Fix: Prevent a PHP warning from displaying in the System Info window due to new host detection login in the previous release. [#4041](
* Fix: Ensure that logged in users without donor's associated with their WP users can properly donate. This is a regretion fix from the previous version 2.4.2 release. [#4039](
* Fix: Resolved an incompatibility with Elementor's "Finder" functionality. [#3912](

= 2.4.2: March 11th, 2019 =
* Tweak: Adjusted how web hosts are detected in WP-Admin > Donations > Tools > System Info to improve accuracy. [#3356](
* Tweak: Added `get_goal` within the `Give_Donate_Form` for developers. [#4020](
* Fix: License statuses were not properly displaying in WP-Admin > Donations > Tools > System Info and that has been fixed. [#3975](
* Fix: The label "State" incorrectly displayed on the admin donor details screen. [#3995](
* Fix: Resolved a tooltip title that was not translatable. [#3996](
* Fix: Date fields now have better support for international date formats. [#4000](
* Fix: Resolve a mislabeled name attribute for the donation amount field within donation forms. [#4001](
* Fix: Improved support for varying capitalizations within donor's emails when a repeat donation happens. This update will prevent case-insensitive matches being incorrectly compared. [#4025](
* Fix: Resolved incorrect setting of the "autocomplete" attribute on certain dropdown fields. [#4028](

= 2.4.1: February 7th, 2019 =
* New: Links to view receipts and subscriptions no longer expire. This prevents unnecessary errors and login screens for donors who attempt to access donations and subscription history. [#3956](, [#3963](, [#3964](
* Fix: Ensure that browser autofill works for the Billing Country and Address 1 and Address 2 fields. [#3830](
* Fix: Additional checks are now in place to ensure the plugin's custom tables properly are created when upgrading from very old versions. [#3966](
* Fix: The `[give_login]` shortcode's "click here to logout" link to log me out was not correctly working. Now the link properly logs out the user when clicked. [#3957](
* Fix: Resolved an issue with the Donation Form title displaying incorrectly in widgets. [#3947](
* Fix: The API log was not displaying the proper log count for entries. [#3924](
* Fix: JSON files can now properly be uploaded to the Donations importer in WP 5.0+. [#3907](
* Fix: Resolved a conflict with the X theme and accompanying Cornerstone page builder plugin and the Form Grid shortcode on phones and touch devices preventing the modal from opening. [#3905](
* Fix: There was an issue occuring causing the donor to click twice into a donation form field after they entered a custom donation amount. This has been resolved so the donor can immediately click into a form field after leaving a custom amount. [#3889](
* Fix: When attempting to export between two dates an error "No data found for export parameters." was displaying incorrectly and has been resolved. [#3864](
* Fix: A frontend JS error no longer happens if the offline payment gateway is enable globally. [#3959](
* Fix: There was a PHP warning occuring when editing a donor's address that is now resolved. [#3961](
* Fix: When exporting in certain cases the donor's address would be incorrect if the donor had the same ID as a WP user. This was due to pre-2.0 backwards compatibility code which has since been removed to correct the issue. [#3971](
* Fix: Added checks to prevent a PHP "Undefined index: post_type" notice. [#3981](
* Fix: Updated the email tag descriptions for `{name}` and `{company}` to be more accurate and helpful. [#3943](
* Fix: Allow deletion of Address line 2 in French donation addresses on the donor details screen in WP-Admin. [#3940](

= 2.4.0: January 16th, 2019 =
* New: Optimized the loading of the plugin's resources to achieve a much more performant fundraising platform. to decrease load times, optimize queries, and decrease processing power. [#3871](, [#3929](
* New: Added the ability to sort the Donation Form Grid based on goal progress. [#3818](
* New: Improved the how "Anonymous" donors appear and the ordering of the Donor Wall. [#3826](, [#3816](
* New: Added a search and filter utility within WP-Admin > Donations > Forms to easily find donation forms by goal status, published date, and form name or ID. [#3845](
* New: Added the ability to import a donor's IP address when using import tool. [#3918](
* New: Added advanced search filters for the Donations > Donors screen within WP-Admin. [#1882](
* New: The Donations > Donors screen within WP-Admin now displays the donor's Gravatar image based on their email. [#3777](
* Tweak: The import sample data has been improved to have more realistic example donor names, campaigns, and donation form configurations. [#3913](
* Tweak: The donation form title will now appears at the top of modal donation forms screens for a better donor experience. [#3881](
* Tweak: We changed the default text for Anonymous Donation checkbox and tooltips to optimize the donor experience in understanding what the checkbox means. [#3911](
* Tweak: Reviewed PHP 7.2 compatibility, identified false positives, and resolved a few minor compatibility flags. [#3919](
* Fix: Resolved an issue with Sessions not being properly set when AJAX was in use. [#3941](
* Fix: Resolved issue with give_recount_form_income_donation() using incorrectly the `post_per_page` rather than `number` which `Give_Payment_Query()` expects. [#2973](
* Fix: Sourcemaps now again generate properly for easy SCSS line number references for developers. [#3860](
* Fix: The {payment_total} tag was incorrectly outputting HTML characters rather than currency symbols when used within the email subject. [#3922](
* Fix: Searching donations by the donor's first and last name in WP-Admin is now displaying accurate results. [#3927](

= 2.3.1: December 13th, 2018 =
* New: Gutenberg blocks are here! You can now add donation forms, a donor wall, donation form grids and more to your Gutenberg (Block Editor) powered posts. [#3813](, [#3697](, [#3887](
* New: You can now more easily search your donation records by donor name, email, or donation ID in WP-Admin. [#3806](
* New: GiveWP now registers its custom tables on plugin activation instead of multiple checks when DB class creates to increase performance. [#3854](
* New: Added an advanced option to display Babel polyfill for sites that don't require it. [#3658](
* Tweak: Removed the "Quick Edit" feature of donation forms because it wasn't very useful and not often used. [#2485](
* Tweak: Adjusted the HTML for the "Create an account" checkbox to be consistent with other donation form checkbox elements for consistency. [#3499](
* Tweak: Updated the default currency formatting for KZT, KGS, KWD, JOD, TRY, CHF, SEK, NOK, HUF, DKK, CZK, BRL to be accurate according to the most widely used formatted for each currency. [#3903](
* Tweak: Changed GiveWP's session cookie prefix to be inline with WP's naming convention to prevent conflicts with hosts like Panteon's caching logic. [#3819](
* Fix: Resolved an issue with Recurring donations renewal receipt links displaying the most recent donation incorrectly rather than the renewal information. [#3778](
* Fix: Ensure that "nonce verification" errors don't display when logging in and out between donations. [#3820](
* Fix: Ensure that mobile-only text displays properly in the `[donation_history]` shortcode. [#3829](
* Fix: Prevent nonce error when deleting a donor from the donors screen. [#3832](
* Fix: Correct the select page placeholder text on "Subscription Page" select field to "Choose a page" in GiveWP's General Settings page. [#3833](
* Fix: Removed the apostrophe as a thousand separator for Taiwan New Dollars. [#3840](
* Fix: Removed usage of PHP 5.4+ shorthand bracket array declarations for compatibility with lower PHP versions. [#3847](
* Fix: The "cat" and "tag" shortcode attributes now properly work to display total earnings in the `[give_totals]` shortcode when the "ID" attribute is not set. [#3879](
* Fix: Resolved rare scenario when a donor attempts to donate when a cookie generated via the email access link is expired and is using the same browser to process a donation. [#3886](
* Fix: Updated the formatting for the Russian Ruble to be correct. [#3893](
* Fix: Ensure that deleting the test data at Donations > Tools > Data (tab) deletes donations made when give is in test mode, as well as donations made with the test gateway is in live mode. [#2473](
* Fix: Ensure that when a subsite is deleted in a multisite environment that GiveWP's custom tables are also removed. [#3790](
* Fix: Ensure that when a subsite is created in a multisite environment that GiveWP autocompletes all DB updates. [#3795](
* Fix: Refactored the database upgrade "v201_add_missing_donors" callback to prevent a rare memory exhausted issue. [#3797](

= 2.3.0: October 24th, 2018 =
* New: This release includes an upgrade routine to move comments from WordPress core tables to our own custom tables. This was done to resolve conflicts with various plugins incorrectly flagging GiveWP's comments as spam. [Developer's Post - Custom Comment Tables](, [#3627](, [#3589](, [#3604](, [#3588](
* New: Admins now have the ability to send notes to donors via a customizable email within the donation details screen. [#2159](
* New: A real time view of currency number formatting displays when modifying the setting. [#3490](
* New: You can now more easily copy form shortcodes by clicking a new "Copy Shortcode" button. [#2602](
* New: There is now a Gutenberg block for the donor wall. [#3546](
* New: We've added a "Select All Fields" option within the donation exporter for easier select/deselect checkboxes. [#3649](
* New: There is now a {donor_comment} email tag to pass within emails. [#3655](
* New: Added the ability to export donation comments within the exporter. [#3743](
* New: Acceptance testing has been updated to include UI testing. [#3663](
* Tweak: The donor wall gravatars have been optimized to now load after page load as to not slow down page speed. [#3758](
* Tweak: Added filters to the donation exporter so developers can include custom data to export as needed. [#3709](
* Tweak: Updated the "Card Name" field label to "Cardholder Name" to help donor's understand the field. [#3714](
* Tweak: Dates are formatted to the WordPress date format found under Settings > General. [#3502](
* Tweak: Optimized the loading of give options by setting autoload to no for most of GiveWP's settings. [#2491](
* Tweak: When changing payment gateways a nonce is verified for additional security. [#2580](
* Tweak: The TCPDF library is now included with composer to help prevent conflicts with other plugins using the same library. [#3482](
* Tweak: Currency settings now allow for 8 decimal points to better support Bitcoin and other crytocurrencies. [#3602](
* Fix: The donor wall has now been modified so each individual donation displays separately. As well, we've added additional options in the shortcode to sort the donors. The styles have also been improved to be more cross-theme compatible. [#3744](, [#3781](
* Fix: When the "Delete all data" tool is used, GiveWP data is removed from all tables BUT GiveWP settings and custom tables are not removed. When GiveWP is uninstalled with the "Remove Data on Uninstall" selected under Settings > Advanced tab, GiveWP data and settings are removed AND custom tables are removed. [#3638](
* Fix: Per-form emails now use the global email content as a starting point for easier customization. [#3653](
* Fix: When you delete a donation form the form's metadata is now removed from the database for better cleanup. [#3641](
* Fix: When Singapore is selected the City requirement is removed. [#3669](
* Fix: Allow selection of more than the first 30 forms in the Export tool. [#3674](
* Fix: Set autocomplete off to all the admin date fields. [#3675](
* Fix: Resolved typos in the "Dry Run" option of the importer. [#3699](
* Fix: Resolved jumping to a page number issue in Donations > Donors when entering a custom page number and pressing enter. [#3719](
* Fix: Do not display shortcode generator above form content. [#3739](
* Fix: Ensure date fields have the same placeholders throughout the admin interface. [#3757](
* Fix: Ensure the TinyMCE shortcode builder doesn't unnecessarily display scrollbars. [#3876](

= 2.2.5: September 17th, 2018 =
* Fix: Resolved a JS error preventing visitors from successfully logging into via a donation form. [#3684](
* Fix: Typo within tooltip. [#3685](
* Fix: Removed usage of deprecated jQuery load() method. [#3688](

= 2.2.4: August 29th, 2018 =
* Upgrade: This version contains an upgrade routine to correct issues with the donor wall in which past donors would incorrectly display on the wall regardless of whether they elected to be anonymous or not. As well, donors can now give to multiple donation forms and be anonymous on one and not anonymous on another.
* Fix: Ensure donors can be properly connected and disconnected to WP users in the donor details screen. [#3636](
* Fix: Prevent error notices from displaying in the Gutenberg editor. [#3575](
* Fix: Prevent JS errors when attempting to deactivate the plugin. [#3619](
* Fix: There is an upgrade routine to Donors that mark themselves as anonymous .
* Fix: PHP notices when recalculating total donation income amount. [#3611](
* Fix: Do not display encoded UTF-8 characters in donor comments. [#3631](
* Tweak: Added a test to check if all registered db updates complete automatically on fresh install. [#3628](

= 2.2.3: August 10th, 2018 =
* Fix: Added backwards compatibility for email tag "description" and "function" options that were modified in the previous version. [#3584](
* Fix: Refactored the settings API to have custom save logic for individual setting sections. Developers can now easily create a custom setting page and option name which will store data in its own option rather than increasing the size of the give_settings option. [#3541](
* Fix: Exclude the honeypot field from floating labels js. [#2230](
* Fix: All donation forms are now listed on Export screen in wp-admin. [#1970](
* Fix: Increased the contrast for the floating labels for inactive placeholders. [#2179](
* Fix: Resolve error with email access when the "View Receipt" link is clicked the donor would receive a permissions error. [#3571](
* Fix: Prevent login button text from updating with wrong text. [#3562](
* Fix: Uncomment the give_checkout_login_fields_before hook so developers can use it accordingly. [#3566](
* Fix: Prevent emails from being sent when importing donations. [#3592](
* Tweak: The donor wall shortcode has been modified so that donors who give without leaving a comment will display by default. [#3581](

= 2.2.2: August 2nd, 2018 =
* Fix: Fixed email access issue with the donation history page preventing donors from using the submit button once they entered their email. [#3553](
* Fix: Resolved PHP notices when accessing donation history via email in PHP version 7.2. [#3565](

= 2.2.1: August 1st, 2018 =
* Fix: Resolve an issue with the donor wall displaying incorrect amounts when a donor has given multiple times. [#3532](
* Fix: Confirm system generated notes insert as comments for donations and aren't blocked by WP's spam protections. [#3537](
* Fix: Render settings textarea field type within a div instead of a p tag for better compatibility with tabs.
* Fix: Updating donor information does not update display on donations admin page. [#2985](
* Fix: Pass widget arguments to action hook for developers to more easily extend. [#3245](
* Fix: Extend email notification functionality to support admin context. [#3516](
* Fix: Dele

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