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Contributors: Anlino
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Requires at least: 4.4
Tested up to: 5.2
Stable tag: trunk
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

== Installation ==

1. Upload the theme
2. Activate the theme

All theme specific options are handled through the WordPress Customizer.

== Licenses ==

License: SIL Open Font License, 1.1
Source: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Lato

Genericon font icon set
License: GNU GPL 2.0
Source: http://genericons.com

screenshot.png images
License: CC0 Public Domain
Source: http://www.unsplash.com

Flexslider jQuery Slider
License: GNU GPL 2.0
Source: http://flexslider.woothemes.com

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

== Use the gallery post format

1. Go to Admin > Posts > Add New.
2. Select the "Gallery" post format in the Post Attributes box.
3. Click "Add Media" and upload the images you wish to display in the gallery.
4. Close the Media window and publish/update the post.
5. The images you uploaded should now be displayed in the post gallery.

== Use the video post format

1. Create a new post.
2. Select "Video" in the Format window to the right.
3. In the post content, enter the full url to the video you want to include.
4. Directly after the url, add the tag (or "More" block in the Block Editor) followed by the rest of the content. Example:


The rest of the content...

5. Publish.
6. The video will now be displayed in the featured image position, above the title of your post.

== Changelog ==

Version 1.28 (2019-07-21)
- Fixed password protection issue

Version 1.27 (2019-07-21)
- Added content to search pages without results
- Added skip link
- Don't show comments if the post is password protected
- Don't show the post thumbnail if the post is password protected
- Fixed font issues in the block editor styles

Version 1.26 (2019-07-01)
- Changed the incorrect "block-style" theme tag to the correct "block-styles"

Version 1.25 (2019-07-01)
- Updated "Tested up to" to 5.2
- Fixed the margin of the last gallery item in Block: Gallery
- Added theme tags for "block-style" and "wide-blocks"
- Expanded a ternary to be full-length
- Added output of `get_the_archive_description()` to index.php

Version 1.24 (2019-04-07)
- Updated the readme to describe the new method of adding featured videos (new = four years ago)
- Fixed a potential notice for the video format
- Added the new wp_body_open() function, along with a function_exists check

Version 1.23 (2019-04-07)
- Fixed a misplaced conditional that prevented wp_link_pages() from showing up on pages

Version 1.22 (2019-02-02)
- Updated Genericons enqueue to work better with child themes
- Update output of menus in the header to only call wp_nav_menu() once
- Fixed small images in centered figures to being centered within the figure

Version 1.21 (2018-12-31)
- If the .grid-sizer element doesn't exist, add it to .posts before initializing Masonry

Version 1.20 (2018-12-15)
- Fixed elements being incorrectly displayed on pages

Version 1.19 (2018-12-15)
- Implemented Images Loaded, to prevent the Masonry layout from getting messed up
- Turned the navigation toggle into a button
- Removed the removal of outline on link focus
- Structure updates:
- Unified index.php, archive.php and search.php into index.php
- Unified all post formats into content.php
- Unified single.php and page.php into singular.php
- Removed custom searchform.php

Version 1.18 (2018-12-07)
- Fixed Gutenberg style changes required due to changes in the block editor CSS and classes
- Fixed the Classic Block TinyMCE buttons being set to the wrong font

Version 1.17 (2018-11-30)
- Fixed Gutenberg editor styles font being overwritten

Version 1.16 (2018-10-20)
- Updated theme description

Version 1.15 (2018-10-20)
- Fixed the accent color not being updated
- Fixed issue with items misalignment in the gallery block

Version 1.14 (2018-10-20)
- Updated with Gutenberg support
- Gutenberg editor styles
- Styling of Gutenberg blocks
- Custom Fukasawa Gutenberg palette
- Custom Fukasawa Gutenberg typography styles
- Added option to disable Google Fonts with a translateable string
- Updated theme description
- Improved compatibility with < PHP 5.5
- Replaced minified flexslider with non-minified version
- Removed imagesloaded.pkgd.js, since a) it's bundled with WordPress, and b) it wasn't being used anyway
- Fixed the archive template date output
- Removed the languages sub folder, since that is handled by WordPress.org
- Set flexslider to a fixed height, so it doesn't break the Masonry layout on archive pages

Version 1.13 (2018-05-24)
- Fixed output of cookie checkbox in comments

Version 1.12 (2017-12-03)
- Replaced ternany shorthands will full-length version, to retain support for PHP pre 5.3

Version 1.11 (2017-11-26)
- Updated to the new readme.txt format, with changelog.txt incorporated into it
- Added a demo link to the stylesheet theme description
- Removed specific post types for add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
- Added a deliberate dependency order to the stylesheet enqueueing
- Same for scripts enqueues
- Made all functions in functions.php pluggable
- Replaced a new WP_Query in widgets/recent-posts.php with a get_posts()
- Fixed genericons path
- Made a text string in single.php translateable
- Fixed notice in comments.php
- Changed closing element comment structure
- General code cleanup, improvements in readability
- Removed duplicate comment-reply enqueueing from the header (already in functions)
- SEO improvements (title structure, mostly)
- Better handling of edge cases (missing title, missing content)
- Restructured query on the archive page template

Version 1.10 (2016-06-28)
- Added the new theme directory tags

Version 1.09 (2016-04-02)
- Fixed respond input margins with new order of inputs

Version 1.08 (2016-03-12)
- Fixed Flickr widget styling issue
- Removed extra semicolon in Flickr widget input label

Version 1.07 (2016-03-12)
- Fixed automated theme scanning error (.ds_store)

Version 1.06 (2016-03-12)
- Fixed an issue with empty titles

Version 1.05 (2015-08-25)
- Fixed an issue with overflowing images
- Added the .screen-reader-text class

Version 1.04 (2015-08-11)
- Removed a superfluous closing

- Replaced a custom title function with support for title-tag
- Added comment-reply to enqueued js files
- Removed the custom post meta boxes for content-video from functions.php
- Added sanitize callback for custom accent color
- Removed do_shortcode() function from functions.php
- Modified theme widgets to use __construct() in prep for WP 4.3
- Removed superfluous code from single.php (leftovers from previously supported post formats)
- Changed post title elements on singular from h2 to h1 for SEO reasons
- Updated the Swedish translation

Version 1.03 (2014-09-22)
- Fixed an issue with the read more image in the post editor being too big

Version 1.02 (2014-09-13)
- Added missing function prefix in functions.php
- Added esc_url to the video urls
- Fixed a bug in the flexslider function

Version 1.01 (2014-09-10)
- Added missing function prefixes in functions.php
- Globalized $content_width and moved it to the theme initialization

Version 1.0 (2014-08-04)

Fukasawa Theme
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