Event Tickets Plugin

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Contributors: ModernTribe, brianjessee, camwynsp, paulkim, sc0ttkclark, aguseo, bordoni, borkweb, barry.hughes, cliffpaulick, courane01, faction23, GeoffBel, geoffgraham, ggwicz, jbrinley, jentheo, leahkoerper, lucatume, mastromktg, MZAWeb, neillmcshea, nicosantos, patriciahillebrandt, peterchester, reid.peifer, roblagatta, ryancurban, shane.pearlman, vicskf, zbtirrell
Tags: RSVP, events, tickets, event management, calendar, ticket sales, community, registration, api, dates, date, posts, workshop, conference, meeting, seminar, concert, summit, ticket integration, event ticketing
Requires at least: 4.9
Tested up to: 5.3.2
Stable tag: 4.11.4
Requires PHP: 5.6
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Event Tickets allows your visitors to RSVP and buy tickets to events on your site. Also works seamlessly with The Events Calendar.

== Description ==

Event Tickets provides a simple way for visitors to RSVP or purchase tickets to your events. As a standalone plugin, it enables you to add RSVPs or tickets to posts or pages. When paired with [The Events Calendar](http://m.tri.be/18tg), you can add that same functionality directly to your event listings.

Sell tickets to your events by connecting your PayPal business account to your site. PayPal handles the transactions so you can focus on event management! Admins can view attendee information from the backend, allowing them to check in registered attendees with ease when your event begins.

Check out [Event Tickets Plus](http://m.tri.be/18th) and [other add-ons](http://m.tri.be/2a)

>Take full control of the event ticketing process and customize it to suit your needs. Event Tickets Plus uses your favorite e-commerce provider to keep users on your site from start to finish. Advanced ticket functionality allows you to share capacity between tickets so you can always sell out without selling over. Configure custom attendee registration forms to collect information like t-shirt size or food preferences.
>[Upgrade to Event Ticket Plus now](http://m.tri.be/18th).

= Built solid & supported =

The team at Modern Tribe stands by our work and offers light support weekly for the community via the WordPress.org support forums. Feel free to ask a question if you're having a problem with implementation or if you find bugs. Looking for help NOW or need a deeper level of support? Add [Event Tickets Plus](http://m.tri.be/18th) to get access to premium support forums with 24-48 hour response times on weekdays.

Just getting started? Check out the [New User Primer](http://m.tri.be/18ti) for an introduction to features, settings, and functionality.

Do you enjoy using Event Tickets, know how to make customizations and tweaks, and want to make money helping people? We're growing our community team and would love to hear from you. If you're interested, [check this out!](http://m.tri.be/mk)

= Plug-n-play & highly customizable =

Event Tickets is built to work out of the box: it doesn't use a shortcode (nor is one available). Just turn it on, configure the settings to match your needs and you'll be taking RSVPs and selling tickets within minutes.

By developers, for developers... it's ready to be the foundation for your wildest hack sessions. Complete with a skeleton stylesheet to theme fast and efficiently, loads of tools including partial template overrides, a host of template tags, hooks and filters, [careful documentation](http://m.tri.be/eu), as well as a [library of free extensions](http://m.tri.be/ext). Events Tickets is built FOR people who build websites.

Whether your vision is big or small, we have you in mind.

= Features =

* Visitors can RSVP to events
* Visitors can purchase tickets to events
* Add RSVPs and tickets to posts, pages, or any custom post type
* Admins can collect ticket fees by connecting their PayPal business account
* Works out of the box with [The Events Calendar](https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/)
* Completely responsive from mobile to tablet to desktop
* Tested on the major theme frameworks such as Avada, Genesis, Woo Themes, Thesis and many more.
* Internationalized & translated
* Extensive template tags for customization
* Hooks & filters galore

Upgrade to [Event Tickets Plus](http://m.tri.be/18th) for advanced ticket sales using WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
Looking for something else? We've got [add-ons available](http://m.tri.be/2a) to take your calendar to the next level.

= Submitting Patches =

If you've identified a bug and have a fix, we'd welcome it at our [GitHub page for Event Tickets](https://github.com/moderntribe/event-tickets). Simply submit a pull request so we can review as part of our [release cycle](http://m.tri.be/release-schedule) and merge into the codebase if appropriate from there. If a pull request is rejected, we'll do our best to tell you why. Users whose pull requests are accepted will receive credit in the plugin's changelog. For more information, check out the readme at our GitHub page. Happy coding!

== Installation ==

1. From the dashboard of your site, navigate to Plugins --> Add New.
2. Select the Upload option and hit "Choose File."
3. When the popup appears select the event-tickets.x.x.zip file from your desktop. (The 'x.x' will change depending on the current version number).
4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait as the upload completes.
5. When it's finished, activate the plugin via the prompt. A message will show confirming activation was successful.
6. For access to new updates, make sure you have added your valid License Key under Events --> Settings --> Licenses.

== Screenshots ==

1. RSVP and ticket on event
2. Front-end ticket in page
3. PayPal checkout
4. Attendee report
5. Emailed ticket
6. Ticket confirmation
7. Event settings
8. Add new ticket
9. Configure PayPal

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Where do I go to file a bug or ask a question? =

Users of the free plugin can post in the [Event Tickets support forum on WordPress.org](https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/event-tickets/). Our team reviews that forum weekly to look for bug reports. If you need more in-depth help, consider purchasing a license for [Event Tickets Plus](http://m.tri.be/18th). A valid license gives you access to our [premium support forums](http://m.tri.be/18u1) which have a 24-48 hour response time on weekdays.

= Are there any troubleshooting steps you'd suggest I try that might resolve my issue before I post a new thread? =

First, make sure that you're running the latest version of Event Tickets. If you've got any other add-ons, make sure those are current / running the latest code as well.

The most common issues we see are either plugin or theme conflicts. You can test if a plugin or theme is conflicting by manually deactivating other plugins until just Event Tickets is running on your site. If the issue persists from there, revert to the default Twenty Fifteen theme. If the issue is resolved after deactivating a specific plugin or your theme, you'll know that is the source of the conflict.

Note that we aren't going to say "tough luck" if you identify a plugin/theme conflict. While we can't guarantee 100% integration with any plugin or theme out there, we will do our best (and reach out the plugin/theme author as needed) to figure out a solution that benefits everyone.

= Event Tickets Plus is just what I need! I'm sold! How can I get my hands on it? =

Events Tickets Plus can be purchased directly on [our website](http://m.tri.be/18th). There are five (5) license types available, and all licenses include access to premium support, new feature releases, and regular maintenance updates.

= I'm interested in Event Tickets Plus or another add-on, but I have a few questions before making the purchase. Can you help me get those addressed? =

Absolutely. If you're not finding your questions answered on the product pages, hit up our [pre-sales forum](http://m.tri.be/2w) on our site. You can save yourself some time by reviewing the threads first to verify if your question has already been asked. If it hasn't, post a new thread as a guest. We'll get you a reply as quickly as we can, so you can make an informed decision regarding purchase.

= What add-ons are available for Event Tickets, and where can I read more about them? =

Currently, the following add-ons are available for Event Tickets:

* [Event Tickets Plus](http://m.tri.be/18wk), for selling tickets to your events using your favorite e-commerce platform.
* [The Events Calendar](https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/), for managing a full calendar of events with ease.
* [Events Calendar PRO](http://m.tri.be/18wi), for adding premium calendar features like recurring events, advanced views, cool widgets, shortcodes, additional fields, and more!
* [Event Aggregator](http://m.tri.be/197u), a service that effortlessly fills your calendar with events from Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar, Eventbrite, CSV, and ICS.
* [Community Events](http://m.tri.be/2g), for allowing frontend event submission from your readers.
* [Community Tickets](http://m.tri.be/18wl), which allows event organizers to sell tickets to the events they submit via Community Events.
* [Filter Bar](http://m.tri.be/fa), for adding advanced frontend filtering capabilities to your events calendar.
* [Eventbrite Tickets](http://m.tri.be/2e), for selling tickets to your event directly through Eventbrite.

== Changelog ==

= [4.11.4] 2020-02-26 =

* Fix - Update file path in the docblocks of the templates for The Events Calendar new views. [ET-713]
* Fix - Hitting enter in the tickets form changes ticket quantities. [ETP-43]
* Fix - Respect the page title and fix redirection for the custom attendee registration page. [ETP-156]
* Fix - Ensure we're loading the common full styles when required. This fixes missing styles problems from the tickets block. [ET-725]
* Fix - Adjust JavaScript to have the Attendee Registration page working in IE11. [ETP-220]
* Fix - Add theme compatibility for the Attendee Registration Modal by adding theme identifying body CSS classes. [ETP-156]
* Fix - When Classic Editor plugin is activated, prevent ticket availability AJAX errors by temporarily disabling the AJAX requests. [ET-730]
* Fix - When not using blocks, the scripts to obtain an RSVP ticket now work even if required Attendee Information (from Event Tickets Plus) is missing upon initial attempt to submit the form. [ET-686]
* Fix - Prevent The Events Calendar plugin from overriding the Attendee Registration page content when Events Page is set as site home page. [ET-732]
* Fix - Use the default `datepickerFormat` value if the option hasn't been set yet when setting up validation rules for the ticket add/edit admin form. [ET-727]
* Fix - Resolve problems where "View My Tickets" (or RSVPs) page would be blank or not load. [ET-735]
* Fix - Use accessibility CSS classes for more screen reader text elements. [ET-725]
* Fix - Save initial shared capacity value for global stock correctly on first Tribe Commerce ticket so availability shows as expected instead of zero. [ET-737]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_theme_compatibility_registered`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/tickets/content-description`, `blocks/tickets/extra`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-add`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-remove`, `registration-js/content`, `v2/day/event/cost`, `v2/list/event/cost`, `v2/map/event-cards/event-card/actions/cost`, `v2/month/calendar-body/day/calendar-events/calendar-event/tooltip/cost`, `v2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day/mobile-event/cost`, `v2/photo/event/cost`, `v2/week/grid-body/events-day/event/tooltip/cost`, `v2/week/mobile-events/day/event/cost`
* Language - 0 new strings added, 76 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [] 2020-02-11 =

* Fix - Resolve potential fatal errors when an object is passed to determine a CSS class where we had expected a string. [ET-716]
* Fix - Prevent conflicts with a template variable used by the Tickets block when rendering while The Events Calendar is activated. [ET-717]
* Fix - Prevent The Events Calendar from disabling the redirect for Tribe Commerce that should take you to PayPal when checking out. [ET-714]
* Fix - Better detect the post ID to use on normal pages for Tribe Commerce. [ET-714]
* Tweak - Changed views: `modal/registration-js`, `registration-js/content`

= [4.11.3] 2020-02-06 =

* Feature - Show original price on ticket block if ticket on sale. Allow turning off via the `tribe_tickets_show_original_price_on_sale` filter. [ETP-47]
* Fix - Allow adding ticket header image on non-event posts. [ETP-54]
* Fix - Close opening `

` in `blocks/attendees.php`. [ET-589]
* Fix - Correct broken JavaScript for themes that change the base post CSS classes. [ET-640]
* Fix - Correct logic so selling out of one RSVP doesn't prevent "purchasing" another. [ETP-603]
* Fix - Price formatting method now prevents incorrect display when a comma is used as the decimal separator. [ETP-53]
* Fix - Disable RSVP and Tickets block when password protection is enabled on posts or pages. [ET-604]
* Fix - Ensure that attendee images display horizontally in the frontend for Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Twenty themes. [ET-590]
* Fix - JavaScript updated to remove IE 11 console errors. [ET-619]
* Fix - Load JavaScript assets along with Ticket Block when using Classic Editor. [ET-587]
* Fix - Override checkout link in WooCommerce Mini-Cart widget so it uses the custom page for attendee registration if it is setup. [ETP-41]
* Fix - Remove inaccurate display of "You don't have tickets for this event" notice at single event page's list of current user's RSVP's and/or Tickets. [ETP-50]
* Fix - The Events Calendar's List View "RSVP Now!" button again displays for Events having only RSVP tickets and has the correct anchor link. [ETP-51]
* Fix - Tickets Block quantity +/- buttons set to 'button' type to avoid submitting Add to Cart form in IE 11 or when JavaScript is disabled. [ET-619]
* Fix - Additional implementation of dynamic ticket text functions so singular and plural versions of "Ticket" change in more areas when filtered. [ETP-145]
* Fix - Ensure that empty start/end dates are treated like "immediately": and "forever", respectively. [ETP-159]
* Tweak - Create new function `tribe_get_event_capacity()` for checking the capacity of an entire event. Have `tribe_tickets_get_capacity()` pass off to it as when given an event. [ETP-48]
* Tweak - Refine logic for the "no results" notice on the "My Tickets" page. [ETP-151]
* Tweak - Remove duplicate ticket script loading to prevent JavaScript conflicts. [ET-596]
* Tweak - Change the Attendee List opt-out checkbox to be checked by default. [ET-615]
* Tweak - Change the Attendee List opt-out checkbox wording, centralize where we handle it and create a new function to retrieve it. [ET-615]
* Tweak - Add some code for future implementation around converting opt-outs to opt-ins. [ET-615]
* Tweak - Adjust styles to ensure our "Get Tickets" button styles get preserved. [ETP-210]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_default_opt_out_text`, `tribe_tickets_default_opt_in_text`, `tribe_tickets_show_original_price_on_sale`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/attendees`, `blocks/attendees/description`, `blocks/rsvp/form/error`, `blocks/rsvp/form/opt-out`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-plus`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit-button`, `blocks/rsvp/messages/success`, `blocks/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available`, `blocks/tickets/extra-price`, `blocks/tickets/extra`, `blocks/tickets/footer-total`, `blocks/tickets/item`, `blocks/tickets/opt-out-hidden`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-add`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-remove`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/title`, `blocks/tickets/submit-button-modal`, `blocks/tickets/submit-button`, `modal/item-remove`, `modal/item-total`, `modal/registration-js`, `registration-js/attendees/ticket`, `tickets/email`, `tickets/orders-pp-tickets`, `tickets/orders-rsvp`, `tickets/orders`, `tickets/rsvp`, `tickets/tpp`
* Language - 7 new strings added, 187 updated, 7 fuzzied, and 6 obsoleted

= [4.11.2] 2020-01-27 =

* Tweak - Adding support for The Events Calendar 5.0.0
* Tweak - Added new `tribe_events_is_current_time_in_date_window()` function that checks if the current datetime is within a post's ticket availability window [TEC-3033]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 94 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.11.1] 2019-12-19 =

* Feature - Use the same loading icon for the RSVP block that we're using for the tickets block. [135660]
* Tweak - Added `tribe_tickets_is_enabled_post_context()` function [124403]
* Tweak - Avoid loading plugin assets on post types that are not tickets-enabled post types [124403]
* Tweak - Add filter for `ticket-display-tickets-left-threshold` to tickets and RSVP block. Added new filters to allow showing "Unlimited" on unlimited tickets [130660]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_is_enabled_post_context`, `tribe_rsvp_block_loader_classes`, `tribe_display_rsvp_block_tickets_left_threshold`, `tribe_rsvp_block_show_unlimited_availability`, `tribe_rsvp_block_loader_classes`, `tribe_display_tickets_block_tickets_left_threshold`, `tribe_tickets_block_show_unlimited_availability`, `tribe_display_rsvp_block_tickets_left_threshold`, `tribe_rsvp_block_show_unlimited_availability`, `tribe_display_tickets_block_tickets_left_threshold`, `tribe_tickets_block_show_unlimited_availability`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/rsvp`, `blocks/rsvp/details/availability`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-input`, `blocks/rsvp/loader`, `blocks/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available`, `blocks/tickets/extra`, `blocks/tickets/item`, `blocks/tickets/quantity`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/submit`, `tickets/rsvp`, `tickets/tpp`
* Fix - Fix the header image attachment handling for RSVP blocks [137243]
* Fix - Ensure that tickets without an end date set in the Classic editor get set to end at the start of an event per the tooltip [125969]
* Fix - Make "Show attendees list on event page" checkbox apply to the REST API as well. [133333]
* Fix - Overriding the maximum purchase quantity (the `tribe_tickets_get_ticket_max_purchase` filter) now works in all contexts [133432]
* Fix - Prevent duplicate blocks on provider change. Add logic to test current provider against event default provider. [137925]
* Fix - If running WP 5.3+, add `show_in_rest` as an array configuration for capacity and the RSVP not going fields so that they save properly. [137875]
* Fix - Gracefully handle enter key in modal form to prevent missing data when submitting. [136595]
* Fix - Increase size of -/+ signs for decreasing/increasing quantity on tickets. [138558]
* Fix - Handle special characters for Event Ticket field labels like single quotes and colons so they don't break the saving. [136451]
* Fix - Don't try to load RSVPs with the Tickets block `render()`. [138646]
* Fix - Correct shared capacity handling when tickets left threshold is set. [138620]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 131 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [] 2019-12-11 =

* Fix - Avoid running extra unnecessary queries when registering assets [138390]
* Fix - Make `Tribe__Tickets__Tickets::get_tickets()` protected to avoid errors with it not being public before upgrading ET+ [138385]

= [4.11] 2019-12-10 =

* Feature - Add ability to utilize the block ticket template outside of Gutenberg views [132568]
* Feature - Use the block template view for the "classic" editor so they look the same now on the frontend [132568]
* Feature - Implement a copy of tribe-common-styles and restyle the front end tickets block [131117]
* Feature - Add currency formatting by commerce [133179]
* Tweak - Clean up the way we add options to the ticket settings tab in PHP to make it more readable and maintainable. [133048]
* Tweak - Add ability to track installed version history. Added `$version_history_slug` and `$latest_version_slug` properties to `Tribe__Tickets_Plus__Main` [133048]
* Tweak - Minimum required WordPress version updated to WordPress 4.9
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_modal_setting`, `tribe_events_tickets_template_`, `tribe_attendee_registration_cart_provider`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_get_tickets_`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_get_ticket_meta`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_get_cart_url_`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_get_checkout_url_`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_get_data`, `tribe_edd_format_amount_decimals`, `tribe_format_amount_decimals`, `tribe_format_amount`, `tribe_format_amount_with_symbol`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_paypal_notify_url`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_paypal_custom_args`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_paypal_add_to_cart_args`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_paypal_gateway_add_to_cart_redirect`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_paypal_invoice_number`, `tribe_tickets_tribe-commerce_cart_url`, `tribe_tickets_tribe-commerce_checkout_url`, `tribe_tickets_availability_check_interval`, `tribe_tickets_checkout_urls`, `tribe_tickets_cart_urls`, `tribe_tickets_availability_check_interval`, `tribe_tickets_checkout_urls`, `tribe_tickets_cart_urls`, `tribe_tickets_order_link_template_already_rendered`, `tribe_tickets_order_link_template_already_rendered`, `tribe_tickets_block_loader_classes`, `tribe_events_tickets_attendee_registration_modal_content`, `tribe_tickets_ticket_block_submit`, `tribe_tickets_loader_text`, `tribe_tickets_modal_loader_classes`, `tribe_tickets_order_link_template_already_rendered`
* Tweak - Added actions: `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_update_tickets_`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_update_tickets`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_cart_update_ticket_meta`, `event_tickets_rsvp_after_attendee_update`, `tribe_tickets_registration_content_before_all_events`, `tribe_tickets_registration_content_before_all_events`, `tribe_tickets_registration_content_after_all_events`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/attendees`, `blocks/rsvp`, `blocks/rsvp/form/opt-out`, `blocks/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/content-description`, `blocks/tickets/content-inactive`, `blocks/tickets/content-title`, `blocks/tickets/content`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available-unlimited`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available`, `blocks/tickets/extra-price`, `blocks/tickets/extra`, `blocks/tickets/footer-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/footer-total`, `blocks/tickets/footer`, `blocks/tickets/icon-svg`, `blocks/tickets/icon`, `blocks/tickets/item-inactive`, `blocks/tickets/item`, `blocks/tickets/opt-out-hidden`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-add`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-number`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-remove`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-unavailable`, `blocks/tickets/quantity`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/checkbox`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/radio`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/select`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/text`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/submit`, `blocks/tickets/registration/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/description`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-icon`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-price`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-title`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/title`, `blocks/tickets/submit-button-modal`, `blocks/tickets/submit-button`, `blocks/tickets/submit-login`, `blocks/tickets/submit`, `components/loader`, `components/notice`, `modal/cart`, `modal/item-remove`, `modal/item-total`, `modal/registration-js`, `modal/registration`, `registration-js/attendees/content`, `registration-js/attendees/fields`, `registration-js/attendees/fields/checkbox`, `registration-js/attendees/fields/radio`, `registration-js/attendees/fields/select`, `registration-js/attendees/fields/text`, `registration-js/attendees/ticket`, `registration-js/content`, `registration-js/mini-cart`, `registration/attendees/content`, `registration/attendees/error`, `registration/attendees/fields`, `registration/attendees/fields/checkbox`, `registration/attendees/fields/radio`, `registration/attendees/fields/select`, `registration/attendees/fields/text`, `registration/attendees/loader`, `registration/attendees/success`, `registration/button-cart`, `registration/button-checkout`, `registration/content`, `registration/summary/content`, `registration/summary/description`, `registration/summary/registration-status`, `registration/summary/ticket/content`, `registration/summary/ticket/icon-svg`, `registration/summary/ticket/icon`, `registration/summary/ticket/price`, `registration/summary/ticket/quantity`, `registration/summary/ticket/title`, `registration/summary/tickets-header`, `registration/summary/tickets`, `registration/summary/title`, `registration/summary/toggle-handler`, `tickets/orders`, `tickets/rsvp`, `tickets/tpp-success`, `tickets/tpp`, `tickets/view-link`
* Fix - Pass missing 'provider' argument from `views/registration/content.php` to `views/registration/button-cart.php` [131896]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 75 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

= [] 2019-11-18 =

* Fix - Force null values to 0 for `_tribe_ticket_capacity` so RSVPs save correctly in 5.3 block editor. [137383]
* Fix - Bypass REST update/delete of virtual meta key `_tribe_tickets_list` so events will save in WP 5.3. [137383]
* Fix - Allow `null` to be sent for REST API updates in WP 5.3 for certain meta fields that we intentionally send null for but don't match the registered schema type. [137383]
* Fix - Handle the onRequestClose action in element.js to prevent Attendee Information modal closing when clicking within the modal. [137394]

= [4.10.11] 2019-11-13 =

* Fix - Add a check for empty tickets to `Tribe__Tickets__Editor__Blocks__Tickets::ticket_availability()` method to avoid PHP error notices showing [122334]
* Fix - Correctly get the Event / Post ID within the `Tribe__Tickets__Editor__Blocks__Rsvp::rsvp_process` method to ensure the right ID gets saved with the RSVP [135409]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 74 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.10.10] 2019-10-14 =

* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/tickets`, `tickets/tpp`
* Fix - Attendees Report's "Orders" tab now displays amount sold and available regardless of amount, including for unlimited and zero remaining for Tribe Commerce attendees [134108]
* Fix - Prevent fatal errors when hosting environment does not support multibyte functionality by using new `tribe_strpos()` function [135202]
* Fix - Prevent Attendee Registration saving from storing only the last attendee's information for all RSVP attendees [134408]
* Fix - Remove check for tickets in beginning of `/src/views/blocks/tickets.php` as it prevents showing the "tickets unavailable" message [134821]
* Language - 2 new strings added, 19 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.10.9] 2019-10-01 =

* Feature - New functions to easily rename ticket types and ensure consistent wording: `tribe_get_rsvp_label_singular()`, `tribe_get_rsvp_label_singular_lowercase()`, `tribe_get_rsvp_label_plural()`, `tribe_get_rsvp_label_plural_lowercase()`, `tribe_get_ticket_label_singular()`, `tribe_get_ticket_label_singular_lowercase()`, `tribe_get_ticket_label_plural()`, and `tribe_get_ticket_label_plural_lowercase()` [130897]
* Tweak - Allow Admin and Editor users to see Attendees in REST API responses by default [128298]
* Tweak - Notify Promoter if an event with tickets is deleted [134113]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_display_tickets_left_threshold`, `tribe_events_tickets_views_v2_is_enabled`, `tribe_get_rsvp_label_singular`, `tribe_get_rsvp_label_singular_lowercase`, `tribe_get_rsvp_label_plural`, `tribe_get_rsvp_label_plural_lowercase`, `tribe_get_ticket_label_singular`, `tribe_get_ticket_label_singular_lowercase`, `tribe_get_ticket_label_plural`, `tribe_get_ticket_label_plural_lowercase`, `tribe_tickets_filter_showing_tickets_on_attendee_registration`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/attendees/view-link`, `blocks/rsvp/content-inactive`, `blocks/rsvp/form/error`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit-button`, `blocks/rsvp/icon`, `blocks/rsvp/messages/success`, `blocks/rsvp/status/full`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/title`, `registration/content`, `tickets/email`, `tickets/orders-pp-tickets`, `tickets/orders-rsvp`, `tickets/orders`, `tickets/rsvp`, `tickets/tpp-success`, `tickets/tpp`, `tickets/view-link`, `v2/day/event/cost`, `v2/list/event/cost`, `v2/map/event-cards/event-card/event/actions/cost`, `v2/month/calendar-body/day/calendar-events/calendar-event/tooltip/cost`, `v2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day/mobile-event/cost`, `v2/photo/event/cost`, `v2/week/grid-body/events-day/event/tooltip/cost`, `v2/week/mobile-events/day/event/cost`
* Fix - The attendee link in the ticket and RSVP block so it shows after the creation of a ticket or RSVP. [128521]
* Fix - Prevent conflict with Genesis Framework where content or the excerpt does not show in the post archives [125496]
* Fix - Prevent tickets that do not have attendee meta from showing on the attendee registration page [125021]
* Fix - Prevent multiple clicks on `Confirm RSVP` from submitting entries [132961]
* Fix - Make 'Not going' available to translate in RSVP dropdown [134358]
* Fix - Update how we intercept the singular event template when The Events Calendar is active, on events created using the Block editor so that you can view 'My Tickets' correctly [134583]
* Language: 101 new strings added, 158 updated, 48 fuzzied, and 104 obsoleted

= [4.10.8] 2019-09-16 =

* Tweak - Renamed `src/views/tickets/orders-link.php` to `src/views/tickets/view-link.php` and renamed `src/views/blocks/attendees/order-links.php` to `src/views/blocks/attendees/view-link.php` for improved and consistent naming between Classic and Block Editor templates [130955]
* Tweak - Tribe Commerce PayPal Tickets now sets Euro currency symbol after amount (postfix/suffix) if WordPress site language is non-English, to match EU's guidelines [128532]
* Tweak - Add class to wrapper div around ticket controls in admin [127193]
* Tweak - Smarter plugin dependency checking with more accurate admin notices if not all requirements are satisfied [131080]
* Tweak - Reduced file size by removing .po files and directing anyone creating or editing local translations to translate.wordpress.org
* Tweak - Make the ticket form price field disable-able via a filter and make its description text filterable as well. [132274]
* Tweak - Allow text to wrap in attendees and orders report tables to avoid text going into other columns. [133195]
* Tweak - Added Order ID and Product ID search types to Attendees Report and fixed Ticket ID search type to be based on the ticket's Post ID [132248]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_get_total_complete`, `tribe_tickets_get_total_refunded`, `tribe_tickets_price_description`, `tribe_tickets_price_disabled`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/attendees/order-links`, `blocks/rsvp`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit-login`, `blocks/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-number`, `registration/attendees/fields/select`, `tickets/orders`, `tickets/rsvp`, `tickets/tpp`, `tickets/orders-link`
* Fix - Front-end search box (Community Tickets) input name changed to no longer trigger a theme's Search template [132248]
* Fix - Fix potential issues with query that had no upper limit set when all that's needed is to check if it had one item [133247]
* Fix - Support refunded attendee counting/handling for Tribe Commerce and Event Tickets Plus WooCommerce orders [126734]
* Fix - Correct text domain in Tribe Commerce admin view [127645]
* Fix - Correct the sold count in Attendees Report for unlimited stock Tribe Commerce tickets (was previously showing negative), and improve text to always display quantities sold and remaining for all ticket types [128666]
* Fix - Correct the docblock and variable names passed to the `tribe_tickets_get_ticket_max_purchase` filter and update RSVP and Tribe Commerce ticket templates to only display the available quantity [119822]
* Fix - Make the "Tickets" heading not appear on a single event page if there are only past Tribe Commerce tickets [130748]
* Fix - Fatal error when sending the attendee list by email in WordPress 4.9 or earlier [134061]
* Fix - The "View your RSVPs and Tickets" link was not appearing when using the Block Editor for Events [128512]
* Fix - Admin ticket editor was not displaying currency symbol at all if set to display after amount (postfix/suffix) [128532]
* Fix - Update `\Tribe__Tickets__Tickets_View::get_description_rsvp_ticket()` to determine when to use the appropriate singular or plural texts based on the quantity found for each ticket type and deprecated its third parameter (_bool_ `$plurals`) (props @solepixel for pointing us to the issue) [129582]
* Fix - Correct two places where the translation domain was incorrect. Thanks to @cfaria for the catch! [128193]
* Fix - Allow saving RSVP status changes (Going / Not Going) even if tickets have no Attendee Information fields [128629]
* Language - 5 new strings added, 132 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted

= [] 2019-09-03 =

* Fix - Prevent formulas from being exported when exporting attendees to CSV [133550]

= [] 2019-08-27 =

* Fix - Resolve JS console warnings from `tooltip.js` in `tribe-common` by adding missing `tribe` var when the var is not setup on the current page already [133207]

= [4.10.7] 2019-08-22 =

* Tweak - Use unique IDs for tabbed views, correct styles to adapt [131430]
* Tweak - Add hook under the price description field of the admin ticket editor [128843]
* Tweak - Modify methods to check for a post id of 0 to prevent PHP notices [128346]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_attendees_table_classes`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_order_table_classes`, `tribe_tickets_order_report_show_title`, `tribe_tickets_tpp_order_report_show_title`, `tribe_tickets_tpp_order_report_title`
* Tweak - Added actions: `tribe_tickets_price_input_description`
* Fix - Correct hardcoded table name in `tribe-user-event-confirmations` shortcode [129402]
* Language - 1 new strings added, 66 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [] 2019-06-20 =

* Fix - Prevent issue where older versions of the tribe-common libraries could be bootstrapped [129479]
* Fix - Add Promoter PCSS file so that the proper CSS will be generated on package build [129584]

= [] 2019-06-13 =

* Tweak - Adjust newsletter signup submission destination [129034]
* Fix - Resolve hardcoded reference to `wp_posts` table in optout ORM queries [129053]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 8 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.10.6] 2019-05-23 =

* Feature - Implemented our abstract Object-relational Mapping (ORM) layer where Ticket Attendees are called throughout the plugin and increased stability with more automated tests [123468]
* Tweak - Added ability to query attendees by provider using `tribe_attendees( 'rsvp' )`, `tribe_attendees( 'tribe-commerce' )`, and other providers registered by Event Tickets Plus [123468]
* Tweak - Added new Attendees querying filters with `tribe_attendees()` including: `order`, `order__not_in`, `product_id`, `product_id__not_in`, `purchaser_name`, `purchaser_name__not_in`, `purchaser_name__like`, `purchaser_email`, `purchaser_email__not_in`, `purchaser_email__like`, `security_code`, `security_code__not_in`, `user`, `user__not_in`, `price`, `rsvp_status__or_none`, `provider`, `provider__not_in`, and `order_status__not_in` [123468]
* Tweak - Added new `no_or_none` option for `tribe_attendees()` filtering by `optout` to return attendees if they have not opted out or not provided their intention yet [123468]
* Tweak - Added ability to select which attendee field to search on Attendees admin screen; Added ability to search attendees by User ID and Ticket ID; Removed ability to search by purchase time and ticket name to improve search performance [128202]
* Tweak - Only show RSVP totals when an Event or Post has an RSVP set up on it or if it has attendees [128071]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_search_attendees_by_like`, `tribe_tickets_search_attendees_types`, `tribe_tickets_attendees_list_limit_attendees`
* Fix - Prevent multiple Tickets or RSVP blocks from being created in the block editor, limit blocks to one instance of each per post [127507]
* Language - 6 new strings added, 82 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.10.5] 2019-05-14 =

* Feature - Add tooltips to Attendee Report page [120856]
* Feature - Add tooltip to explain what statues are behind Pending Order Completion [120862]
* Feature - Add tooltip to explain the Available Count Per Ticket [120862]
* Feature - Add tooltips to explain the sold & available amounts in the ticket block [121992]
* Tweak - Add method to get all possible names of the completed status by ecommerce provider [122458]
* Tweak - Change success message for ticket move [102635]
* Tweak - Ticket Attendee and Order Page Header css by changing overflow to visible [120862]
* Tweak - Update Status Manager to accept provider names or abbreviations [120862]
* Tweak - In the Ticket Block add link to EDD Orders Page [121440]
* Tweak - Change "Attendee Registration" to "Attendee Information" in several locations [126038]
* Tweak - Exclude WooCommerce Product and EDD Downloads as supported post types when saving for tickets to prevent recursion errors, in case they were previously saved before we removed them from the options list [126749]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_plus_get_total_cancelled`
* Tweak - Added actions: `tribe_ticket_available_warnings`
* Tweak - Changed views: `registration/content`
* Fix - Add checks to `tribe_events_count_available_tickets()` and `tribe_events_has_unlimited_stock_tickets()` to properly detect unlimited tickets. [119844]
* Fix - Change `inventory` to compare the correct ticket when checking event shared capacity [119844]
* Fix - Make Attendees Report match the order report, specifically "Total Tickets Issued" should not include cancelled tickets [69823]
* Fix - On deletion of an attendee update the shared capacity for Tribe Commerce Tickets [106516]
* Fix - On the Attendee page use the shared capacity in Overview if ticket has it enabled [106516]
* Fix - Ensure capacity changes for source and target tickets when moving a ticket from one type to another [102636]
* Fix - Correct escaping on attendee registration shortcode [125964]
* Fix - Fix error with creating new ticket in block editor [126266]
* Fix - Fix issue where Tribe Commerce would not submit correctly when using the attendee registration shortcode [126779]
* Fix - Fix autoloader usage so it loads the correct latest version of Tribe Common [127173]
* Language - 10 new strings added, 45 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 6 obsoleted

= [] 2019-05-03 =

* Fix - Prevent Composer autoloader from throwing Fatal due to non-existent `setClassMapAuthoritative()` method as the previous fix only applied to coordinated The Events Calendar release [126988]

= [] 2019-04-26 =

* Fix - Prevent Composer autoloader from throwing Fatal due to non-existent `setClassMapAuthoritative()` method [126590]

= [] 2019-04-25 =

* Fix - Avoid fatal errors due to Events Query method not been present by bumping version of The Events Calendar required to

= [] 2019-04-25 =

* Fix - Fix error with creating new ticket in block editor [126266]
* Fix - Prevent PHP fatal errors with Tribe__Utils__Array aliases

= [4.10.4] 2019-04-23 =

* Tweak - Changed minimum supported version of The Events Calendar to 4.9
* Tweak - Add function and hooks for provider classes added to the attendee registration form [124997]
* Tweak - Restyle RSVP block in the front end [123196]
* Tweak - Allow reordering of ticket blocks in the block editor to be preserved in the front end [121703]
* Tweak - After deleting attendees you are now redirected back to the admin attendee page to clear the url of the deleting actions [122083]
* Tweak - Tribe Commerce knowledge base article link now opens up in a new window [122331]
* Tweak - Attendee registration fields configuration for block editor opens up in modal [123818]
* Tweak - Move IPN settings together in ticket settings tab [122333]
* Tweak - Change attendee registration page shortcode to use ID instead of page slug, add function for backward compatibility [124997]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_attendee_registration_form_no_provider_class`, `tribe_attendee_registration_form_classes`, `tribe_attendee_registration_form_class`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity`, `blocks/rsvp/icon-svg`, `blocks/rsvp/status/going-icon`, `blocks/rsvp/status/going`, `blocks/rsvp/status/not-going-icon`, `blocks/rsvp/status/not-going`, `registration/content`
* Tweak - Changed some attendee report tooltip text to clarify capacity/inventory/stock and added a link for more information about Availability [126342]
* Fix - Change RSVP import identifier in CSV importer so it provides the correct response message [124052]
* Fix - Filter the Attendee Registration display to only show tickets for the current provider and add provider to Attendee Registration URL [122317]
* Fix - Prevent potential PayPal issues by not allowing $0 tickets in the block editor for Tribe Commerce [123835]
* Fix - When moving an attendee prevent shared capacity from being enabled on the receiving event [120727]
* Fix - Tidy attendee list print styles [125299]
* Fix - Use tribe.context->doing_cron to avoid issues with WordPress versions before 4.8 [26111]
* Fix - Prevent PHP notices when looking for a template that does not exist in `tribe_tickets_get_template_part()` (props @stian-overasen) [125913]
* Fix - Correct issue with attendee registration information not saving on shortcode page [125964]
* Language - 1 new strings added, 46 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

= [4.10.3] 2019-04-17 =

* Feature - Compatibility with the Object Relational Mapping introduced on version 4.9 of The Events Calendar
* Tweak - Improving cost symbol usage across all Commerces
* Fix - Make sure we are not displaying ticket for non-logged users on the Rest API that can edit the Event
* Language - 0 new strings added, 38 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.10.2] 2019-04-01 =

* Tweak - Update hooks attached to tickets to notify Promoter [124118]
* Tweak - Use buttons instead of links and add better feedback on checkin (disable buttons) [70618]
* Tweak - Use `get_stylesheet_directory()` instead of `get_template_directory()` to honor child themes for Attendee Registration template [123613]
* Tweak - Remove empty "Primary Info" column from attendee list email and export [122274]
* Tweak - Only show Attendee data in the REST API for tickets if the Event/Post has the Attendees shortcode/block, with new filter `tribe_tickets_rest_api_always_show_attendee_data` to always show it. Promoter bypasses this for it's own requests [117668]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_providers_in_cart`, `tribe_tickets_rest_api_always_show_attendee_data`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/checkbox`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/radio`, `registration/attendees/fields/checkbox`, `registration/attendees/fields/radio`, `registration/button-checkout`, `tickets/orders`
* Fix - Add variable not defined when a ticket was moved to a different event [124164]
* Fix - Resolve problems with `WP_Theme::get_page_templates()` usage, use `array_keys()` instead of `array_values()` since the array is keyed by filename, not template name. Props to @eri-trabiccolo for flagging this! [123613]
* Fix - Allow IE users to increment/decrement the ticket quantity field via the buttons [121073]
* Fix - Use a md5 hash for checkbox and radio option names to prevent fields from not saving if they a large amount of characters [119448]
* Fix - Remove duplicate coding to update RSVP stock when deleting an attendee [123334]
* Fix - When updating RSVP stock use the capacity - minus complete attendees for the new stock number and prevent negative stock [123334]
* Fix - Fix React console warnings when editing events [121198]
* Fix - Correct attendee list page on posts and pages [123514]
* Fix - Connect Tribe Commerce PayPal tickets into the shared capacity and fix counts in PayPal sales report [109419]
* Fix - Show RSVP on list view when it's the only attached ticket [123124]
* Fix - Make submit button dependent on presence of editable meta data [114111]
* Fix - Allow the PayPal confirmation email address sender to be empty, so it can default to the WordPress site email address [122745]
* Fix - Stop claiming that the Attendee Registration page is an archive, add shortcode to display on any page [123044]
* Fix - Remove CSS that was hiding the RSVP form when Blocks are disabled [123136]
* Fix - Prevent the classic RSVP form from showing in block-enabled posts on front-end [124394]
* Language - 1 new strings added, 116 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

= [] 2019-03-14 =

* Tweak - Update hooks attached to tickets to notify Promoter [124118]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [] 2019-03-06 =

* Feature - Add hooks to notify Promoter when an event with tickets has changes [123732]
* Fix - Correct variable name that is throwing undefined errors on checkin [123756]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 23 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.10.1] 2019-02-26 =

* Tweak - Add a new setting to set a threshold on whether to show the "Display # tickets left" along with a new filter `tribe_tickets_left_threshold` [119910]
* Tweak - Add duration error for duration issues with ticket and RSVP [122679]
* Tweak - Save attendee information on registration page via ajax [121592]
* Tweak - Make clipboard icon for ticket block a tooltip and persistent [122444]
* Tweak - Indicate required fields in ticket block [122442]
* Tweak - Add filter for attendee registration page template [121223]
* Tweak - Add filter to manage attendees permissions [123070]
* Tweak - Add filter to allow email form to be shown for non-admins [123070]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_attendee_registration_page_template`, `tribe_tickets_user_can_manage_attendees`, `tribe_allow_admin_on_frontend`, `tribe_display_tickets_left_threshold`
* Tweak - Changed views: `registration/attendees/content`, `registration/attendees/error`, `registration/attendees/fields`, `registration/attendees/fields/checkbox`, `registration/attendees/fields/radio`, `registration/attendees/fields/select`, `registration/attendees/fields/text`, `registration/attendees/loader`, `registration/attendees/success`, `registration/button-cart`, `registration/button-checkout`, `registration/cart-empty`, `registration/content`, `registration/summary/content`, `registration/summary/description`, `registration/summary/registration-status`, `registration/summary/ticket/content`, `registration/summary/icon-svg`, `registration/summary/ticket/icon`, `registration/summary/ticket/price`, `registration/summary/ticket/quantity`, `registration/summary/ticket/title`, `registration/summary/tickets-header`, `registration/summary/tickets`, `registration/summary/title`, `registration/summary/toggle-handler`
* Fix - Only show attendee registration for RSVP if going [121026]
* Fix - Fix broken ticket block sagas to allow syncing with event times [120736]
* Fix - Only allow attendee move functionality in admin [87145]
* Fix - Add filter to allow plugins to bypass the checkin caps requirement (for community events) [118675]
* Fix - Filter the_excerpt to prevent loading it on the CE attendee registration page [119777]
* Fix - Allow users to always access attendee registration page if tickets in cart have meta [121819]
* Fix - Allow tickets with required and non-required meta to be saved together [121821]
* Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce checkout returning to attendee registration page [120735]
* Fix - Update available tickets when updating capacity [120280]
* Fix - Do not show print, email, and export buttons if not in admin [120646]
* Fix - Add Indian Rupee and Russian Ruple to PayPal currency code list [120554]
* Fix - Fix RSVP "don't show my information" checkbox in Twenty Nineteen theme [120685]
* Fix - Add ticket id to option id for attendee registration fields [122035]
* Fix - Path to override attendee registration templates defined in template files [120196]
* Fix - Fix path to override attendee registration templates [120037]
* Fix - Fix text domain in attendee field view [121019]
* Fix - Fix focus for sales duration in ticket block [122441]
* Fix - Fix mobile styles for tickets and RSVP [118299]
* Fix - Prevent notices when adding a new event in Community Events with Community Tickets active [116724]
* Fix - Modify how the status manager initializes to use class names instead of proper names, which might be translated [123056]
* Fix - Prevent fatal errors on front end ticket page if the provider is deactivated [122322]
* Language - 7 new strings added, 140 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

= [] 2019-02-07 =

* Fix - Modify extension dependency checking with new system to determine if it can load [122368]

= [4.10] 2019-02-05 =

* Feature - Add check and enforce PHP 5.6 as the minimum version [116283]
* Feature - Add system to check plugin versions to inform you to update and prevent site breaking errors [116841]
* Tweak - Add tooltips and additional information to Tribe Commerce Orders page header [116747]
* Tweak - Update plugin header [90398]
* Tweak - Add tooltip info that clarifies two settings only apply to classic editor [20963]
* Tweak - Added filters: `event_tickets_attendees_{$provider_slug}_checkin_stati`, `tribe_tickets_supported_system_version`, `tribe_not_php_version_names`
* Tweak - Removed filters: `event_tickets_attendees_{$provider}_checkin_stati`
* Tweak - Removed actions: `tribe_tickets_plugin_failed_to_load`
* Fix - Prevent errors in PHP 7.2+ with ticket management [119608]
* Fix - Only allow delete or move attendee if user can manage attendee [103974]
* Fix - Prevent redirection of attendee registration to homepage when home is set to main events page [119680]
* Deprecated - constants MIN_TEC_VERSION and MIN_COMMON_VERSION in Tribe__Tickets__Main, use $min_tec_version property and no replacement for MIN_COMMON_VERSION
* Deprecated - The `et_plus_compatibility_notice()` method has been deprecated in `Tribe__Tickets__Main` in favor of Plugin Dependency Checking system
* Language - 15 new strings added, 136 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 40 obsoleted

= [4.9.4] 2019-01-15 =

* Feature - Added prompt in attendee registration when clicking checkout with unsaved attendee info [119760]
* Feature - Improve the UX for RSVPs with required login [119946]
* Tweak - Fix header image message for RSVP and Tickets blocks [119759]
* Tweak - Update attendee registration user experience [119465]
* Tweak - Adjust behavior of removing Tickets block to be more intuitive [119662]
* Tweak - Adjust behavior of removing RSVP block to be more intuitive [119663]
* Tweak - Added actions: `event_tickets_rsvp_after_ticket_row`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/attendees`, `blocks/attendees/description`, `blocks/attendees/gravatar`, `blocks/attendees/order-links`, `blocks/attendees/title`, `blocks/rsvp`, `blocks/rsvp/content-inactive`, `blocks/rsvp/content`, `blocks/rsvp/details`, `blocks/rsvp/details/availability`, `blocks/rsvp/details/description`, `blocks/rsvp/details/title`, `blocks/rsvp/form`, `blocks/rsvp/form/attendee-meta`, `blocks/rsvp/form/details`, `blocks/rsvp/form/email`, `blocks/rsvp/form/error`, `blocks/rsvp/form/form`, `blocks/rsvp/form/name`, `blocks/rsvp/form/opt-out`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-input`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-minus`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-plus`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit-button`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit-login`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit`, `blocks/rsvp/icon-svg`, `blocks/rsvp/icon`, `blocks/rsvp/loader-svg`, `blocks/rsvp/loader`, `blocks/rsvp/messages/success`, `blocks/rsvp/status`, `blocks/rsvp/status/full`, `blocks/rsvp/status/going-icon`, `blocks/rsvp/status/going`, `blocks/rsvp/status/not-going-icon`, `blocks/rsvp/status/not-going`, `blocks/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields-edd`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields-tpp`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields-woo`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields`, `blocks/tickets/content-description`, `blocks/tickets/content-inactive`, `blocks/tickets/content-title`, `blocks/tickets/content`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available-unlimited`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available`, `blocks/tickets/extra-price`, `blocks/tickets/extra`, `blocks/tickets/icon-svg`, `blocks/tickets/icon`, `blocks/tickets/item-inactive`, `blocks/tickets/item`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-add`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-number`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-remove`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-unavailable`, `blocks/tickets/quantity`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/checkbox`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/radio`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/select`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/text`, `blocks/tickets/registration/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/description`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-icon`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-price`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-title`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/title`, `blocks/tickets/submit-button`, `blocks/tickets/submit-login`, `blocks/tickets/submit`, `registration/button-checkout`
* Fix - Make RSVP block duration tooltip hover area larger [120063]
* Fix - Fix RSVP block FE attendee display option to not be bold [120064]
* Fix - Set RSVP block submit button hover color [120065]
* Fix - Don't enqueue wp admin common styles on the front end [119755]
* Fix - ensure that the RSVP login link redirects the user back to the event page post-login [120365]
* Fix - Fix datepicker UI and input not showing the same date [119666]
* Fix - Hide unavailable RSVPs in the FE [119597]
* Fix - Clear shared capacity from tickets block when removing tickets block [118334]
* Fix - Fix svg for RSVP "going" button [116206]
* Fix - Display ticket price as 0 if price is blank in ticket block [119410]
* Fix - Remove new ticket block if cancel button is clicked [119435]
* Fix - Move apostrophe position in RSVP block [119409]
* Fix - Move attendee registration position in RSVP block [119464]
* Fix - Fix PHP notice on attendee registration page [119680]
* Fix - Hide unavailable tickets in Tickets block when Tickets block is not selected [119630]
* Fix - Fix attendee registration for RSVP block FE [119800]
* Fix - Ensure that the attendee page loads if the theme has no page.php/page templates defined [120034]
* Language - 8 new strings added, 52 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 26 obsoleted

= [4.9.3] 2018-12-19 =

* Fix - Only show "Log in before purchasing" when login is required for Tribe Commerce tickets [118977]
* Fix - Set custom date format for date pickers used on tickets [119356]
* Fix - Display only tickets that are in date range [119628]
* Fix - RSVP now stays in sync with the Events and saving properly the Sale dates [118337]
* Fix - Remove the old `events-gutenberg` domain into the templates [119270]
* Fix - Prevent RSVP from showing on Tickets and vice versa [119726]
* Fix - Tickets will no longer get saved as RSVPs via Block Editor [119726]
* Tweak - Link to the correct support places [117795]
* Tweak - Added filter: `tribe_tickets_show_login_before_purchasing_link` [118977]
* Language - 23 new strings added, 11 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 20 obsoleted

= [4.9.2] 2018-12-13 =

* Feature - Added new action `tribe_tickets_update_blocks_from_classic_editor` to allow for custom actions when updating the tickets blocks
* Feature - Allowed admin to re-order tickets in the Tickets block [113737]
* Feature - Added ecommerce links to Tickets block [117227]
* Feature - Improved Cancel button UX in Tickets and RSVP blocks [119053]
* Feature - Added option to show or hide the Attendee List block header and subtitle [117040 & 117041]
* Tweak - Set the availability date pickers in Tickets and RSVP blocks to obey the Datepicker Display Format setting [117446]
* Fix - Corrected an issue where feature detection of async-process support would fire too many requests [118876]
* Fix - Updated blocks when moving from classic to blocks editor and vice versa [119426]
* Fix - Removed dotted border for the RSVP block when viewed on mobile devices [118952]
* Fix - Made sure all block editor code for Meta saving is PHP 5.2 compatible
* Fix - Restored Shared Capacity functionality for ET+ users in the Tickets block [118923]
* Fix - Set Tickets block currency symbol from the ecommerce provider settings [115649]
* Fix - Set the Attendee registration field editor to opens in the same tab from block editor [117854]

= [4.9.1] 2018-12-05 =

* Fix - Event Tickets Plus updates correctly when we are handling an outdated version

= [] 2018-11-30 =

* Fix - Fixed an issue where the checking of the Event Tickets Plus version number would fail, and incorrectly deactivate Event Tickets Plus [119100]

= [] 2018-11-30 =

* Fix - Adjustments for better compatibility with earlier PHP versions (our thanks to @megabit81 for highlighting this problem) [119073]
* Fix - Update common library to ensure better compatibility with addons running inside multisite networks [119044]
* Language - 0 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

= [4.9] 2018-11-29 =

* Feature - added new Tickets block for adding, managing, and displaying tickets
* Feature - added new RSVP block for adding and displaying an RSVP (independently from tickets listings)
* Feature - added new Attendee List block for displaying event attendees (replaces attendee list setting)
* Tweak - limited RSVP block to a single RSVP except in cases of legacy configurations
* Tweak - admin can now disable Not Going responses for RSVPs via the RSVP block
* Fix - Adjust some permissions checks to ensure that RSVPs can be created by Subscriber-level users via the Community Tickets submission form [118598]
* Tweak - Added filters: `tribe_tickets_attendee_registration_checkout_url`, `tribe_tickets_rewrite_base_slugs`, `tribe_tickets_rewrite_i18n_domains`, `tribe_tickets_rewrite_i18n_slugs_raw`, `tribe_tickets_rewrite_i18n_slugs`, `tribe_tickets_attendee_registration_page_title`, `tribe_tickets_tickets_in_cart`, `tribe_tickets_attendee_registration_has_required_meta`, `tribe_tickets_attendee_registration_is_meta_up_to_date`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_paypal_gateway_add_to_cart_redirect`, `tribe_tickets_rsvp_send_mail`, `tribe_tickets_event_attendees_skip_empty_post`, `tribe_tickets_tickets_in_cart`, `tribe_tickets_rsvp_form_email`, `tribe_tickets_rsvp_form_full_name`, `tribe_tickets_plus_hide_attendees_list_optout`
* Tweak - Added actions: `tribe_tickets_pre_rewrite`, `tribe_tickets_commerce_paypal_gateway_pre_add_to_cart`, `tribe_tickets_rsvp_before_order_processing`, `event_tickets_rsvp_tickets_generated`, `tribe_tickets_ticket_deleted`, `tribe_tickets_ticket_added`, `tribe_tickets_tickets_hook`
* Tweak - Changed views: `blocks/attendees`, `blocks/attendees/description`, `blocks/attendees/gravatar`, `blocks/attendees/order-links`, `blocks/attendees/title`, `blocks/rsvp`, `blocks/rsvp/content`, `blocks/rsvp/details`, `blocks/rsvp/details/availability`, `blocks/rsvp/details/description`, `blocks/rsvp/details/title`, `blocks/rsvp/form`, `blocks/rsvp/form/email`, `blocks/rsvp/form/error`, `blocks/rsvp/form/form`, `blocks/rsvp/form/name`, `blocks/rsvp/form/opt-out`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-input`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-minus`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-plus`, `blocks/rsvp/form/quantity`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit-button`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit-login`, `blocks/rsvp/form/submit`, `blocks/rsvp/icon-svg`, `blocks/rsvp/icon`, `blocks/rsvp/loader-svg`, `blocks/rsvp/loader`, `blocks/rsvp/messages/success`, `blocks/rsvp/status`, `blocks/rsvp/status/full`, `blocks/rsvp/status/going-icon`, `blocks/rsvp/status/going`, `blocks/rsvp/status/not-going-icon`, `blocks/rsvp/status/not-going`, `blocks/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields-edd`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields-tpp`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields-woo`, `blocks/tickets/commerce/fields`, `blocks/tickets/content-description`, `blocks/tickets/content-title`, `blocks/tickets/content`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available-unlimited`, `blocks/tickets/extra-available`, `blocks/tickets/extra-price`, `blocks/tickets/extra`, `blocks/tickets/icon-svg`, `blocks/tickets/icon`, `blocks/tickets/item`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-add`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-number`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-remove`, `blocks/tickets/quantity-unavailable`, `blocks/tickets/quantity`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/checkbox`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/radio`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/select`, `blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/fields/text`, `blocks/tickets/registration/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/content`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/description`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-icon`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-price`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-quantity`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket-title`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/ticket`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/tickets`, `blocks/tickets/registration/summary/title`, `blocks/tickets/submit-button`, `blocks/tickets/submit-login`, `blocks/tickets/submit`, `registration/attendees/content`, `registration/attendees/error`, `registration/attendees/fields`, `registration/attendees/fields/checkbox`, `registration/attendees/fields/radio`, `registration/attendees/