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Requires at least: 3.9
Tested up to: 5.3.2
Stable tag: 4.3.13
License: GPLv3
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Add subscription forms on the website and send beautiful newsletters & automatically notify contacts about new blog posts once it gets published.

== Description ==

Email Subscribers is a complete newsletter plugin that lets you **collect leads, send automated new blog post notification emails, create & send broadcasts and also manage them all in one single place**.

Email Subscribers is a fully-featured subscription plugin specially created keeping in mind all the needs and requirements of a **regular blogger, website owner, marketer and developers**. It helps you achieve all the things you need to build a list and keep them engaged within a single plugin.

**Easily Collect Leads On Your Website** : Insert a neat looking subscription box anywhere on your website. This subscription box is beautifully designed and grabs audiences attention instantly.

**Send Automated Updates when a Post is published** : Save on time by automating the process of sending emails each time a blog post is published.

**Quickly Create and Send Broadcasts** : Create beautiful broadcasts using the HTML editor and send them to your subscribers either manually or via CRON.

#### **Benefits of Email Subscribers**

* **Own your data** - Keep your data on your server.
* **Store unlimited Contacts**
* **Create unlimited Broadcasts**
* **Create unlimited Post Notifications**
* **Create unlimited email templates**
* **Create unlimited forms**
* **Subscription spam check** with domain black lists,
* **GDPR** ready
* **Seamless integration** with WordPress users
* **Single** And **Double Opt-In** plus privacy checkbox for EU laws compliance
* **Compatible with every SMTP plugin**: WP Mail SMTP, Post SMTP (aka Postman), Easy WP SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail, WP Mail Bank
* Send **Post Notifications** to contacts when new posts are published.
* **Collect customer emails by adding a subscription box using Widget, Form Shortcode or PHP code**.
* **Email notification** to admin when user **signs up** (Optional).
* **Automatic welcome email** to contacts (Optional).
* Automatically add **Unsubscribe link** in the email.
* **Import/Export contacts**
* **HTML editor** to create broadcasts and post notifications.
* Email **Open/ Viewed status**
* Support **localization or internationalization**.
* Send **Post Notifications based on Post categories**
* Easy Integration with Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin **[Icegram](** and form plugin **[Rainmaker](**

#### **Email Subscribers PRO benefits**

* Create & Send **Post Digest**
* Create **Autoresponder Sequences**. It's really useful to onboard your contacts or sends them a series of update notification
* **Schedule email sending**
* **Protect your list from bot attacks** - Use captcha to protect your email list from bots. The simple maths captcha helps to identify bots from humans and eliminates spam signups.
* **Email List Cleanup** - Automatically clean up your list.
* **Access Control** - Give/ Restrict access to various Email Subscribers' features to the specific role
* **Newsletter email templates** - Elegant newsletter templates to keep your leads engaged with your content
* **Offer & promotional email templates** - High converting ready-to-use templates for any occasion, events or holiday season.
* **New blog post notification email templates** - Awesome templates that will encourage contacts to read your blog post
* **Automatic Background Sending**
* **Connect with SMTP / Email Sending Services**
* **Link Tracking**
* **UTM Tracking**
* **Automatic Spam Score Checking**
* **Automatically add people to your mailing list whenever someone posts a comment on your website**
* Integrate with **WooCommerce**, **EDD – Easy Digital Downloads**, **Give WP**, **Contact Form 7**, **Ninja Forms**, **WPForms**, **Gravity Forms**

Learn more about [Email Subscribers PRO](

#### **Support**

Email Subscribers has a vast, well-documented series of article that can help you understand each feature in detail. Please go ahead and read it in case of any questions : [Email Subscribers Documentation]( or if you need any further help, ask us on [WordPress Forum](

We provide **VIP support** (Email + Facebook + Phone) to our **PRO** users.

#### **Connect**

We at **[icegram](** continuously improving the Email Subscribers plugin. Join our **[Facebook group](** to learn more keep yourself updated.

#### What customers have to say about Email Subscribers?

* **Friendly Approachable Support**

Don’t believe it? Have a look at the review section. The support guys are friendly and ever willing to assist you with whatever be your query. Feel free to contact them with both pre-sales, after-sales questions.

> **Lightning support** -
> Had 3 questions about the plugin, got extensive support with each one. Continue doing what you’re doing! Thanks a lot! 5/5
> - [DomLaurin](

* **Easy to use but super powerfull** -
> **Easy to configure, tweak and manage**. And works like a charm
> - [Aleksander](

* **Impressive and simple** -
> Found this plugin, most impressed, simple to set up, easy to use and the support is overwhelming
> - [Closeburn](

* **Great product and support** -
> I highly recommend this product. It does everything it says it will do, is easily adaptable to your website, and Mansi’s level of support is fantastic. Unlike some of the other similar plugins, this one gives you total control over who requests to subscribe to your newsletter or blog.
> - [ForPm](

Go to [Email Subscribers review section]( to know more about our recent reviews.

**Help Fellow WordPressers by Writing a Review**

If you like Email Subscribers, please leave a [5 stars]( review on WordPress. That helps fellow website owners access Email Subscribers easily and benefit from it!

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== Installation ==

Option 1:

1. Go to WordPress Dashboard. Locate Plugins -> Add New
2. Search Email Subscribers plugin using the search option
3. Find the plugin and click Install Now button
4. After installation, click on Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.

Option 2:

1. Download the plugin
2. Go to WordPress Dashboard. Locate Plugins -> Add New
3. Click on Upload Plugin link from the top
4. Upload the downloaded file and click on Install Now
5. After installation, click on Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= 1. How to install and activate Email Subscribers on multisite installation? =

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= 2. How to add subscription box to your website? =

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= 3. How to modify the existing emails like emails like Confirmation, Welcome, Admin emails and Cron Settings and Assign User Roles? =

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= 4. How does Sync work? =

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= 5. How to Import and export email address? =

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= 6. How to change/update/translate any strings from the plugin? =

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= 7. How to add unsubscribe link in emails? =

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= 8. How to Create and Send Newsletter Emails? =

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= 9. What are the available keywords in the Newsletters? =

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= 10. How to Create and Send Post Notification Emails when new posts are published? =

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= 11. What are the available keywords in the Post Notifications? =

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= 12. How to send a sample new post notification email to testgroup/myself? =

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= 13. How to check sent emails reports? =

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= 14. How to Add/Update Existing Subscribers Group & Status? =

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= 15. Subscribers are not receiving Emails =

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= 16. How to show subscribe form inside a popup? =

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= 17. How to use Rainmaker’s form in Email Subscribers? =

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= 18. How to Redirect Subscribers to a new page/url after successful sign up? =

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= 19. How to add captcha in Subscribe form of Email Subscribers? =

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= 20. How to Schedule Cron Emails/auto emails? =

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= 21. How to Schedule Cron Emails in cPanel? =

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= 22. How to Schedule Cron Emails in Parallels Plesk? =

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= 23. What to do if Hosting doesn’t support Cron Jobs? =

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= 24. CSS Help =

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= 25. Email Subscribers FAQ =

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== Screenshots ==

1. Front Page - Subscription Form

2. Admin page - Audience

3. Admin page - Post Notifications

4. Admin page - Broadcasts

5. Admin page - Reports of all Newsletter & Post Notification emails sent

6. Admin page - Settings Tab 1 - General Settings

7. Admin page - Settings Tab 2 - Signup Confirmation related Settings

8. Admin page - Settings Tab 3 - Cron Job (Schedule Email) related Settings

9. Admin page - Settings Tab 4 - Security Settings

== Changelog ==

**4.3.13 (24.02.2020)**

* Update: Added custom style for consent text
* Fix: **{{LIST}}** keyword did not work in the welcome email

**4.3.12 (17.02.2020)**

* Update: Added support for HTML in GDPR consent text
* Update: Now, contact will be deleted upon the deletion of WordPress user if WordPress sync is on.
* Update: Removed .SVG images from templates as it's blocked by Gmail
* Fix: Confirmation email did not go out if the subject is empty
* Fix: Email Sending options was not saved properly

**4.3.11 (12.02.2020)**

* New: Now, one can add consent checkbox in subscription form
* Fix: PHP Notices

**4.3.10 (16.01.2020)**

* Fix: Invalid email adding issue from Rainmaker

**4.3.9 (08.01.2020)**

* Update: Added compatibility with Outlook mailer of WP Mail SMTP plugin. (Thanks to [@kinderkeuken]( to help us debugging)
* Fix: Duplicate email import issue.

**4.3.8 (25.12.2019)**

* Fix: Include Javascript issue with localized WordPress
* Fix: Duplicate entries of contacts

**4.3.7 (18.12.2019)**

* Update: Improved import contacts functionality. Now, we can import ".CSV" file which contains only emails
* Fix: Multiple emails to contacts

**4.3.6 (12.12.2019)**

* Update: Improve on boarding
* Fix: Count shows zero (0) even if contacts available in list
* Fix: File with ".CSV" (uppercase) extension was not working with import contacts.
* Fix: Incorrect unsubscribed contacts count

** (07.12.2019)**

* Update: Improved edit contact
* Fix: Contacts removed from the list when new subscriber subscribed to the list
* Fix: WordPress contact sync issue

**4.3.5 (04.12.2019)**

* New: Added setting to set CRON interval
* New: Added setting to set maximum emails to send on every CRON request
* Fix: Illegal string offset ‘es_registered’ warning

** (29.11.2019)**

* Fix: Delete Campaigns Permanently issue
* Fix: Security issues
* Update: Considered HTTP_X_REAL_IP while getting user IP address

**4.3.4 (28.11.2019)**

* Update: Delete Campaigns Permanently which are already deleted before
* Fix: Import issue
* Fix: Multiple email sending issue

**4.3.3 (25.11.2019)**

* Fix: Cron Lock issue
* Fix: Honeypot issue with caching plugin

**4.3.2 (20.11.2019)**

* New: Added basic reporting like total subscribed, unsubscribed, open in last 60 days in audience dashboard
* New: Added Preheader in broadcast
* Update: Clear all CRON on deactivation
* Update: Improve Email Sending
* Fix: Override of Cron Schedules
* Fix: email "Sending" issue
* Fix: Unsubscribe link issue

**4.3.1 (13.11.2019)**

* New: Delete Form Permanently
* New: Delete List Permanently
* Update: Restrict multiple email sending
* Fix: Broadcast inactive issue
* Fix: Fix performance issue
* Fix: Import Contacts issue
* Fix: Linebreak issue for broadcast templates
* Fix: Fatal error

**4.3.0 (06.11.2019)**

* Fix: Test email sending issue
* Fix: New Broadcast issue
* Fix: Import contacts issue
* Update: Fixed typo
* Update: .POT File

**4.2.4 (23.10.2019)**

* Update: Improve Create Broadcast UI
* Fix: Unable to remove label for Email field in Subscription Form
* Fix: Validate Post Notification data

**4.2.3 (17.10.2019)**

* Update: Now, only administrators can access Email Subscribers menus.
* Fix: Email open tracking
* Fix: Vulnerability while exporting contacts
* Fix: Vulnerability while sending a test email
* Fix: Check permission before saving settings

**4.2.2 (15.10.2019)**

* New: Added configuration option for label & placeholder for subscription form
* Update: Ask subscribers for confirmation before unsubscription
* Fix: Unsubscription issue

**4.2.1 (10.10.2019)**

* Update: Added per page screen option for Contacts, Forms, Lists & Campaigns

**4.2.0 (01.10.2019)**

* New: [Pepipost]( API support for email sending

**4.1.15 (12.09.2019)**

* New: Stop email sending if hourly email sending limit exceeded.
* Update: Added option to customize message after form submission (Email Subscribers > Settings Menu)
* Fixed: Import contacts issue

**4.1.14 (28.08.2019)**

* New: Import First Name & Last Name
* Update: Added "Send Welcome email" option to send out Welcome Email.
* Fix: Multiple Welcome & Admin email notification on clicking confirmation link multiple times

**4.1.13 (20.08.2019)**

* New: Added option to select "All Categories" in post notifications.
* New: Send "Welcome Email" to contact which are being added from Audience dashboard
* Fix: All Post Notifications were sent for the post with no category selected
* Fix: Typo

**4.1.12 (07.08.2019)**

* Fix: Set post categories correctly after migration
* Fix: Get all lists from email list & notification tables

**4.1.11 (02.08.2019)**

* Fix: Send multiple email notification issue

**4.1.10 (31.07.2019)**

* Update: Added viewed count on the reports page
* Fix: Shortcodes were not working in email templates
* Fix: Viewed status was not getting updated
* Fix: Migration issues in reports

**4.1.9 (25.07.2019)**

* Update: Admin notification will be sent out only after contacts confirm their subscription
* Update: Show Post Notifications categories in campaigns view
* Fix: Sort contacts by name
* Fix: Email Notification formatting issue

**4.1.8 (16.07.2019)**

* New: Now, admin can add/ edit First Name & Last Name of subscribers.
* Fix: Fixed Vulnerabilities (Thanks Tin Duong of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs, WordPress Plugin Review Team & Ihor Voschyk for reporting)

**4.1.7 (15.07.2019)**

* Update: Now, able to sort reports by Subject, Status, Start Date, End Date & Total Contacts
* Update: Now, able to sort forms by Name & Created date
* Update: Now, email template will pick up the latest content while email sending
* Fix: Importing issue
* Fix: Migration issue
* Fix: Fixed Vulnerability

**4.1.6 (01.07.2019)**

* Update: Added sorting for name field in the Audience tab
* Fix: Warning: Illegal string offset 'es_registered'
* Fix: Set list name blank in campaign list page
* Fix: Contacts sort by email was not working.

**4.1.5 (20.06.2019)**

* Update: Added "Opt-In Type" column in exported contacts lists
* Update: Allow to send broadcast only if contacts are available in list
* Fix: "Select the list" error

**4.1.4 (13.06.2019)**

* New: Added First Name, Last Name in exported csv file
* New: Added {{FIRSTNAME}}, {{LASTNAME}} keyword
* Update: Improve subscription form layout.

**4.1.3 (06.06.2019)**

* New: Export contacts by list

** (31.05.2019)**

* Fix: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_plugins()

** (30.05.2019)**

* Fix: Unable to use sync functionality

**4.1.2 (29.05.2019)**

* New: Added support to export "Unconfirmed" contacts.

**4.1.1 (21.05.2019)**

* Fix: "Oops.. Unexpected error occurred" while subscribing
* Fix: Typo in "Campaigns > Edit Post Notification" title
* Fix: Duplicate lists while syncing WordPress users

**4.1 (14.05.2019)**

* New: Now, able to change the label of "Subscribe" button

**4.0.18 (07.05.2019)**

* New: Added a feature to duplicate any template
* New: Added support to re-run database migration from ES 3.5.18
* Fix: Display "0" above form
* Fix: Migration issue

**4.0.17 (03.05.2019)**

* New : New keywords added : {{TOTAL-CONTACTS}} in form description
* Fix : Post/page editor issue with RTL sites

**4.0.16 (23.04.2019)**

* New : New keywords added : {{TOTAL-CONTACTS}} , {{SITEURL}}, {{SITENAME}}
* New : Added option to enable/ disable WordPress Cron for Email Subscribers
* New : Added option to enable/ disable email open tracking
* Fix : Database error while sorting list
* Fix : Incorrect viewed and sent dates in report details

**4.0.15 (17.04.2019)**

* Fix: Error with Gutenberg editor
* Fix: Media Upload Error
* Fix: WordPress Media Library grid issue
* Fix: Database error

** (16.04.2019)**

* Fix: CSS issue

**4.0.14 (15.04.2019)**

* Fix : Added plain text email content for html email
* Fix : Email confirmation fails if address contains ‘+’
* Fix : Migration issue
* Update: POT file

**4.0.13 (05.04.2019)**

* Fix: Plain text email does not decode HTML entities
* Fix: Not able to select category with special charterers in post notification
* Fix: Not able to send email using Amazon SES
* Fix: Allow contact to subscribe again once unsubscribed
* Fix: Remove the NAME field when "NO" set in the shortcode
* Update: POT file

**4.0.12 (01.04.2019)**

* Fix : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION
* Update: Remove old css
* Update: POT file

**4.0.11 (26.03.2019)**

* New : Added "Add to List" option to the bulk actions of contacts
* New : Link contacts from list view
* Update: Additional security check while opt-in and unsubscription
* Fix : PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare temp_filter_category()

**4.0.10 (20.03.2019)**

* Update: Added resent confirmation message
* Fix: Duplicate contacts via Rainmaker form
* Fix: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '['
* Fix: New strings will be available for translations on [WordPress]( (Thanks to [@otto42]( and [@dd32](

**4.0.9 (15.03.2019)**

* Fix: Post Notification doesn't work with WP 5.0+ and 'Classic Editor'
* Fix: Username is set instead of user's name after Sync WordPress users
* Fix: Welcome Email and Confirmation Email was not working when subscribed via Rainmaker
* Fix: '{{Email}}' keyword is empty in emails

**4.0.8 (14.03.2019)**

* Fix: Multiple post notifications issue
* Fix: "500 internal server error" while using Rainmaker Form
* Fix: Post notifications are not being sent while republishing older posts
* Update: Enhance import contacts functionality
* Update: POT file

**4.0.7 (13.03.2019)**

* Fix: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in older version of PHP
* Fix: Cron URL set empty
* Fix: Post notifications not being sent for the first time post publish in WP 5.0+
* Update: Show success/ error message on campaign delete.
* Update: Show notice if WordPress Cron is disable.

**4.0.6 (12.03.2019)**

* Enhancement: Now, queued emails will be processed on every 15 minutes
* Fix: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')'
* Fix: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')'
* Update: POT file

**4.0.5 (11.03.2019)**

* Update: Enable admin email notification after campaign sent
* Fix: Migration of old Email Subscriber's widgets
* Fix: Could not create, edit list

**4.0.4 (07.03.2019)**

* Fix: 'es_subbox' function not working
* Fix: Warning: Cannot modify header information

**4.0.3 (06.03.2019)**

* New: Able to process queued emails manually
* Update: Added list wise status for contact on Audience dashboard
* Update: Added status based filtering for contacts
* Update: Added Icegram compatibility
* Fix: Post Notification not getting triggered
* Fix: Incorrect CRON URL issue when migrated from other domain

**4.0.2 (04.03.2019)**

* Update: Added sync WordPress users functionality
* Update: Added status(Subscribed/ Unsubscribed ) column in Audience dashboard
* Fix: Short description Missing in Widget
* Fix: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘es_cls_registerhook’ not found in Reports Section
* Fix: Contacts not getting confirmation mail
* Fix: Opt-In type shown "Single-opt-in" by default
* Fix: Post Notification templates are not available for selection
* Update: POT file

**4.0.1 (02.03.2019)**

* Fix: Widget sidebar is broken due to Email Subscribers Widget
* Fix: GDPR consent checkbox is missing
* Fix: PHP HTML Mail/ Plain Text email option missing
* Fix: "Name" & "Email" label missing in subscription form
* Fix: Couldn't delete List
* Fix: Compatibility with POST SMTP, WP SES plugin.
* Fix: Accentuated letters and special characters are not working in post categories.

**4.0 (01.03.2019)**

* New: [Revamped the plugin]( - Changes in UI and terminology
* New: Added domain blocking to prevent spam attacks
* Update: POT file

**Earlier Versions**

For the changelog of earlier versions, please refer to the separate [changelog.txt]( file.

Email Subscribers Newsletters Simple and Effective newsletter system Plugin
Price: FREE

Email Subscribers is a complete newsletter plugin that lets you **collect leads, send automated new blog post notification emails, create & send broadcasts and also manage them all in one single place**.

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