CMP Coming Soon Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes

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Contributors: niteo
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Tags: coming soon, landing page, launch page, maintenance mode, under construction
Requires at least: 3.0
Requires PHP: 5.6
Tested up to: 5.3
Stable tag: 3.6.15
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Beautiful Coming soon, Maintenance or Landing page on your website, packed with premium features for free.

== Description ==
CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance plugin has all premium features you ever wished for, and it is free! It is also super fast and user friendly. You can activate your Maintenance, Coming soon(under construction) or Landing page with a single click. But it is also customizable in many ways - you can select a layout from predefined Themes, set custom logo, background graphics (including YouTube videos or Unsplash images), custom content, subscribe forms, popular social networks icons, typography, colors, SEO, and many more.

Packed with functions like Whitelist/Blacklist to enable CMP only on specific pages, User Roles Management, custom URL Bypass, Translation strings, custom Subscribers option and many more you would not believe it is free. No ADS too, guaranteed!

Live Preview

Click for CMP preview>>

TIP! You can change to different CMP Theme or change the background in the right sidebar by clicking on "settings icon".


  • You can choose from 3 bundled free themes and many more downloadable - freebies and premium with completely different design. Almost very month new CMP Theme available!

  • Our Plugin works with any WordPress Theme and on all desktop or mobile devices (yes it is 100% responsive).

  • Most of the CMP themes support custom Subscribe Form to store emails in local database, MailChimp, MailPoet and Mailster.

  • Fullscreen background media including Videos (YouTube, custom video file), Images or Image Slider (Unsplash library, custom images), Patterns, Color Gradients or Solid Colors.

  • You can search from more than million of free beautiful professional photos from most popular Unsplash source via our built-in search API (random images, search by keyword, category, etc).

  • You can set custom Logo, choose from 100 most popular Google fonts and customize Font Weight, Letter Spacing and Line Height.

  • Display beautiful icons for any Social network on your website.

  • Background 3D effects on all Premium Themes.

  • CMP Landing page can be enabled on specific pages only (Blacklist and Whitelist) if required.

  • Customizable WordPress roles to bypass CMP and display your full website.

  • Bypass URL to preview a website for your customers.

  • Compatible with custom WordPress login URL.

  • Configurable Countdown Action - disable Coming soon / Maintenance mode or redirect to another website.

  • Configurable SEO meta tags for search engines, editable favicon, Search Engine Visibility and No-cache Headers.

  • Set response code to search engines (200 OK, 503 Maintenance).

  • Redirect Mode to redirect your website to another website.

  • Insert Google Analytics Code or any 3rd party tracking code for website Analytics

  • Supports custom CSS code.

  • Fully translatable.

Compatibles Plugins

  • I can still see the landing page I've just deactivated! I even deleted the plugin but it is still there!

    This is 100% caching issue! Please make sure to delete cache from your caching plugins, hosting provider cache and browser as well. CMP plugin supports all most popular caching plugins, but sometimes it just does not work as expected and you still need to delete it manually in caching plugin option.

    I love the landing page so much, can I use it forever?

    Yes of course! You can use CMP landing pages as your main splash page! Just make sure to set CMP plugin to "Coming Soon & Landing Page" mode which returns correct response codes to web search engines.

    How can I translate text on buttons, countdown text and others?

    Go to CMP Settings > CMP Translation sub-menu where you can translate or modify every string used!

    What are 503 or 200 HTTP codes, huh?

    OK, it`s easy - if you want to display Coming Soon page you usually wants to search engines (like Google) to be able to index your website. In that case you want the response code set to 200 HTTP "OK" - set Coming Soon mode or Landing Page.

    On the other hand if you have your website already up and running but you are doing only a short maintenance it is better to send response 503 HTTP Service Unavailable code. By that way you make sure the search engines do not index your temporarily website while it's down for a short maintenance and do not lower your website SEO score.

    Is it a bug? No one likes BUGS! How can I report it?

    This is awkward and shame on us:(. Fortunately we are friendly guys and if you let us know about it on WordPress Support Forum we promise to fix it as soon as possible!

    I have a perfect idea for new features!

    That's great! We are happy to hear about any feature or idea you might have to make our plugin perfect! Just let us know NiteoThemes website and we will discuss it!

    I really love your plugin and I want to support it!

    Nothing is better than a good feedback! Please go to Plugin reviews and rate it! Alternatively you can click on a Donate button too!:)

    == Changelog ==

    CMP 3.6.15 - 19-Feb-20

    • Resolved bug with Heading animatin settings.

    CMP 3.6.14 - 07-Feb-20

    • CMP Redirect mode now works as expected together with Bypass URL.

    • Resolved few unresolved PHP notices. @wecodify thanks!

    CMP 3.6.13 - 09-Jan-20

    • Background YouTube video now supports starting time parameter.

    CMP 3.6.12 - 08-Jan-20

    • Resolved issue with spamming emails about expired Countdown Timer.

    • Added 100% compatibility with WPS Hide Login plugin.

    • Added Activate button to installed CMP themes to resolve issue that in some cases the toolbar buttons on thumbnail hover did not display correctly.

    CMP 3.6.11 - 30-Dec-19

    • WordPress Ajax URL added to Whitelist.

    CMP 3.6.10 - 30-Dec-19

    • After recieveing few complaints that last update locked out admin screens, wp-admin.php has been whitelisted without home_url in a case WordPress URLs misconfiguration.

    CMP 3.6.9 - 29-Dec-19

    • Enhanced Blacklist and Whitelist feature to support URL parameters.

    • Added support for custom login URL.

    • Fixed CSS styles to load correctly on translated admin pages.

    CMP 3.6.8 - 16-Dec-19

    • To Celebrate Winter Time we added a beautiful Snowing Effect!

    • Admin Ajax is Whitelisted automatically now. That should resolve issues with some 3rd party plugins requiring Ajax.

    CMP 3.6.7 - 21-Nov-19

    • Resolved issue with gradient background not displaying correctly in admin settings for Countdown theme. Thanks @isaacmuniz for letting us know!

    CMP 3.6.6 - 09-Nov-19

    • Another new CMP Theme - Delta!

    • Resolved stying issue with Custom CSS editor. Thanks to @mariobeach for reporting it!

    CMP 3.6.5 - 28-Oct-19

    • MailOPtin plugin integration.

    • Added compatibility with WordPress 5.3 release.

    CMP 3.6.4 - 14-Oct-19

    • Resolved persiting bug with http string added in social media links icons.

    • New Advanced option to choose between CMP Top Bar layouts - full and compact.

    • Slightly redesigned CMP Settings admin screen.

    CMP 3.6.3 - 11-Oct-19

    • Updated URL attribute for Email social network to resolve issue with outputed http string.

    CMP 3.6.2 - 09-Oct-19

    • New CMP Theme Libra!

    • Updated social networks names with correct letter capitalization.

    • Removed Google+ from social networks.

    CMP 3.6.1 - 26-Sept-19

    • Changes in Custom Analytics code: it can contain any Javascript code now. It also requires code wrapped in '