BC Menu Bar Cart Icon For WooCommerce By Binary Carpenter Plugin

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Contributors: bc2018
Tags: woocommerce cart icon, cart icon, menubar cart, wp menu cart, woocommerce cart
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Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 5.3
Requires PHP: 5.3
Stable tag: 1.43

Add a shopping cart icon to your navigation bar, footer, header, sidebar with item count. A perfect choice for WooCommerce users.

== Description ==
If you want to add a cart icon to your WooCommerce site navigation menu, footer, sidebar, this is the plugin for you.

=== How to add cart icon in just a few minutes ===
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmmDNgI39Vs]

=== Why do you need a menu bar cart icon? ===
Having a cart icon on the navigation menu or in the footer, header, sidebar can quickly show the cart content (items that the customers have added to their cart) is vital to every WooCommerce store.
Not all themes support this feature. In themes that support this feature, not many of the do a good job display the cart icon and
the list of items in the WooCommerce cart.

That's why you need BC WooCom Menu Bar Cart Icon for WooCommerce

Now, no matter what theme you are using, you can easily add the cart icon to your site. You can select any position to put the cart icon. You can also create multiple designs to fit the particular navigation menu.
There are many plugins that let you create shopping cart icon in the navigation menu, however, most of them limit you to the number of cart icons you can select or number of designs you can have. None of those limit exists
in BC Menu Bar Cart Icon.

=== The Only WC Menu Bar cart icon plugin you need ===
* It allows you to select multiple shopping cart icons. There are up to 12 cart icons for your to select
* It helps you add cart icon with the circle that displays the current number of items in the cart
* It allows you to select different design. You can display or hide the cart. You can choose to display the cart amount and cart count. It all depends on you.
* It allows you to choose the cart icon color. There are no limit on what color you can use for your cart.
* It allows you to display the cart icon any where. You can put the cart icon on the sidebar, footer using shortcode
* It doesn't matter what theme you are using. You have awesome menu cart icon on any navigation menu as you desired
* It lets you hide the cart icon provided by your theme if you want to do so

All the above are free of charge.

=== If you upgrade to the pro version, with a very attractive, handsome price you'll get: ===
* Display the content of the cart on cursor hover over the cart
* The cart content slide from right to left, from left to right when the cart icon is clicked
* Add and remove the item from that cart and it will update without page refresh
* You are not limited to just using icon for the cart icon, you can use images
* Display cart's subtotal in the items list. The subtotal are updated as the product added and removed from the cart.
* Items added and removed from cart are 100% via ajax and the loading effect is just amazing
* The cart design is 100% responsive, works on all devices.
* You can request features you want to include in the plugin
* Have the cart details slide from right to left

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== Screenshots ==
1. WooCommerce menu cart design selection
2. select icon for the cart icon
3. cart icon show cart details when hover over
4. Cart icon settings
5. Show cart list on cart icon hover
6. Change cart icon layout
6. Add products in cart via ajax
7. Add remove items in the cart details panel (slide in)
8. All changes are updated live via ajax without reloading the page
9. Cart details slide in from right to left (car design, pro version)

== Installation ==

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

== Change log ==
- 1.42: Support for menu names that are not in ASCII
- 1.43: Support for calculating tax & Bug fixes

BC Menu Bar Cart Icon For WooCommerce By Binary Carpenter Plugin
Price: FREE

If you want to add a cart icon to your WooCommerce site navigation menu, footer, sidebar, this is the plugin for you.

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