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Type: WordPress Theme
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Contributors: DannyCooper
Requires at least: 4.0
Tested up to: 5.3
Stable tag: 1.1.0
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
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Tags: one-column, custom-menu, editor-style, featured-images, full-width-template, threaded-comments, translation-ready, blog

A starter theme called Arke.

Arke WordPress Theme, Copyright 2018 Danny Cooper
Arke is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

== Description ==

Arke is a lightweight starter theme built using core WordPress functions. It doesn't use any frameworks or libraries, this makes it fast, simple and easy to customize!

Arke uses very minimal, low-specificity CSS rules, making it very easy to customize and overwrite using your own custom CSS code.

The clean, fast, standards-compliant code ensures Arke is Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

== Installation ==

1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.
2. Click Upload and Choose File, then select the theme's .zip file. Click Install Now.
3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Does this theme support any plugins? =

Arke includes support for Infinite Scroll in Jetpack.

== Changelog ==

= 1.0.2 - May 30 2019 =
* Add divider when multiple posts are shown on homepage.
* Fix embed widths.

= 1.0.1 - May 10 2018 =
* Add notice.

= 1.0.0 - May 10 2018 =
* Initial release.

== Credits ==

* normalize.css, (C) 2012-2016 Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal, [MIT](

Arke Theme
Price: FREE

Arke is a lightweight starter theme built using core WordPress functions.

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